This month, confront your limiting beliefs and speak your truth.

What is Chakrastrology™?

Editor’s Note: Chakrastrology is based on the principle that each of our chakras (energy centers) is ruled by a planet, and that by working with both, we experience greater health and well-being. This wisdom is rooted in ancient texts and brought to life in a modern context. By looking at our chakras in terms of the planets, we get a major advantage in working with them and in seeing what’s influencing them now. For more information on Chakrastrology, scroll to the bottom of this article.

October 2017

Between the full moon in Aries on October 5 and the new moon in Libra on October 19, we have lots of activity with the planet Mercury, and so this month’s Chakrastrology focus is the throat chakra. The throat chakra is ruled by Mercury and houses our power of speech, listening and communication. Speaking the truth about what is important to you is the most important work of this sacred energy center, and the stars align for you to do just that.

In fact, the month begins with a challenge to overcome the deepest shadows, the darkest secrets and the quietest protests that lie within your heart and mind. The full moon on October 5 is an optimal time to do the work required to dig up the limiting belief systems and past traumas that hold you back from saying what you mean and meaning what you say. In order to do this, meditation, yoga and personal ritual are very helpful practices. They put you in accord with your highest aims, and connect you to your soul’s purpose. It is that purpose that needs to shine brightly at this time, allowing you to cut through the smallness and fear that is withholding from you the power of your own truth.

Personal truth is tricky. It’s personal, meaning, it is subjective. Not everyone agrees with it. In fact, within our disagreements is where the potential for growth lies. However, sometimes disagreements cross the line into trauma or hurt, and cause us to doubt ourselves. When self-doubt turns into mistrust, we have an imbalance of the throat chakra. Imbalances in this area not only create a difficulty in speaking up for oneself, but can lead to bigger physical issues like neck pain, thyroid problems or hearing issues. It’s a sensitive area, and one that deserves our full attention.

Trusting ourselves is imperative

We get a big boost in self-trust this month as we move toward the new moon in Libra on October 19. The exuberant planet, Jupiter (who rules the sacral chakra), charges up the moon, and our voices. We are encouraged not just to speak our truth, but to do it in such a way that creates beauty and harmony in the world. Do the words you speak create more connection? It is possible to infuse more understanding and compassion into your conversations?

Doing this not only balances our throat chakra, but embraces the best qualities of its ruler, Mercury. As the god who navigates the upper and underworlds, Mercury’s job is to communicate the lofty ideas of these ethereal realms in a clear way—not always an easy task. Later in the month, Uranus is on hand to lend flashes of inspiration and revelation to our truth-telling endeavors.

If ever there was a time to get clear on your personal truth and revise it to match the new, evolving being that you are, it is now. Listen (especially later in the month) to the insights you receive—not just about what you believe, but about what you want to believe. Believe in the highest good, your true nature and your greatest dreams. When something feels good, pay attention, follow that lead and let it guide you to a new truth—one that gives you back your power and lets you speak the truth about what is most important to you!

Recommended activities: The throat chakra is our all-important center of communication. Keeping it clear and healthy is important not just for us to trust ourselves and be self-empowered, but it also improves our relationships and connection to others. One of the best practices you can do for the throat chakra is vocalization, whether that be singing in the shower, doing karaoke, chanting in your yoga class or saying mantra while you meditate. Letting the voice find its creative expression is a key component of balancing this energy center. Other practices that you might try this month are simple neck stretches, like the kind you might find in a Relax & Roll or Stretch Release class at 24 Hour Fitness. If you’d like to try using an affirmation to energize the throat chakra this month, repeat the mantra of the month as frequently as you like.

October Chakrastrology meditation: The throat chakra is ruled by Mercury, and it thrives on sound and vibration. Utilizing the power of mantra is a great way to bring balance and uplifted intention to this area, while bringing you into connection with the power of your own truth. In order to clear this center of “purity” (the meaning of the Sanskrit name of this chakra), try the following meditation.

  • Sit in meditation and light a candle.
  • Close your eyes, and bring your hands gently to your throat.
  • On three extended exhales, simply hum a tone. Feel the vibration in your throat as you do this, and use this time to connect your attention to the throat chakra.
  • When you have finished your three humming breaths, bring your hands to rest in the lap and soften your breathing.
  • Keep your eyes closed and the focus on the throat. Choose one of the following sacred mantras:

Om Namah Shivaya (meaning: “I am my highest self”)

So’Ham (meaning: “I am that”)

Swaha (meaning: “Let go”)

  • Coordinate one of these three mantras with your breath, saying each mantra silently as you continue to breathe and focus. Let the silent vibration of the mantra penetrate your body and mind, as you focus your spirit on the uplifted intention it sets for you.
  • Remain in meditation with the mantra as long as you like. To close the meditation, place the hands on the throat again, and hum on an extended exhale three times.
  • Throughout your day, feel free to silently repeat the mantra of your choice at any time to reconnect with your highest self!

Mantra of the month: I trust myself to speak the truth about what is important to me.

Throat chakra smoothie recipe: Blueberries, blackberries, almond butter, banana and coconut water

October’s Chakrastrology focus:

Throat chakra + Mercury
Focus: Communication
Location: Throat, neck, cervical spine, jaw, tongue, teeth, ears, hearing, thyroid
Core Mantra: I am worthy.
Sanskrit name: Vishuddha (purity)

Mercury rules the throat chakra and helps us bring big ideas into fruition. By clarifying our communication, we are able to speak the truth about what is important to us, and trust ourselves in the process.

More on Chakrastrology

The ancient wisdom of the chakras reveals that there are “energetic hot spots” within the body where we store our experiences, emotions and beliefs. When we don’t examine these deeper elements of the self, then eventually imbalances in these areas manifest as physical sensations like tension or chronic pain. This is the inherent link between mind and body, and the chakras provide us a road map for unlocking it!

To take this understanding further and to see how our chakras are being influenced by the outside world, we look at their connection to the planets, which are yet another ancient body of wisdom. In alignment with the alchemical idea “As above, so below,” we watch the planets above us for insight into what’s happening within us. For millennia, astrologers have witnessed the influence of the planets on our day-to-day lives.

By recognizing the intrinsic links between the planets and areas of our body (the chakras), we also get invaluable information about how to optimize our health and well-being. This comprehensive system, known as chakrastrology, bridges the gap between outer and inner, and helps us make sense (and greater health).

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