Financial Freedom and abundance doesn’t just happen unless someone has created it for you. Here are the three practices that you can start right now to open that door to financial abundance and set you on your way to creating “abundance habits.”

What does Financial Abundance even mean to you? No debt, time off, a job you can quit, all your bills paid, generosity to charity? Why it this concept even important to you?

I’m a huge fan of the process of reflection – stopping the world for a few minutes to be quiet with your values and meaningful desires. This is defining. It defines YOU and it defines and shapes how you choose to move in your days.

Why is this valuable? Because without, it we get swept away in details and responsibilities. The day is over and you think, “Wait, what did I even DO today?” This definition of Financial Abundance is your touchstone. It’s your positive, clear intention of how you want to live. This will anchor you, and tether you to what’s important. Speak it often!

Find a mentor who actually LIVES the kind of success that you just defined. This can be a living person you can converse with, or read their book, blog or website. It can be a group of like minded friends who all cheer each other on via text or phone. This can be a person who is no longer here – like Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein. You can read their quotes and messages of success.

You will actually begin to sync up to their success the more you are around them. Their success actually helps reshape any of your limiting thoughts that say “no, can’t be done.” You will begin to form new thoughts that say, “hmm, this person DID do this, maybe I can.” This sometimes happens so organically that you won’t even notice it.

I’ve said this one so many times my clients finish the sentence for me! “What gets scheduled gets done!” The reason I have accomplished so much in my dancing hobby is that I schedule my next dance lesson BEFORE I leave the studio – sure I can change it, but there is something concrete about making a commitment to another person.

Often, one of my roles in guiding people to another level of Financial Freedom is that of being someone to be accountable to. Let’s say you want to create an extra $100 a week. You know that at the end of the week, you need to report your progress to me. Even though I’m only 5 feet tall and there is no way you could be “afraid” of me… there is SOMETHING that goes on in the brain that lets you have focus to complete that task that you committed to do.

Six Things You Can Schedule

  • 15 minutes a day brainstorming ways to create income or cut expenses without any deprivation.
  • An “action hour” or day of organizing papers, closets, etc. with the intention of making space for new ideas and clarity.
  • 10 minutes to visualize your new set point around money. Take a walk and begin to enjoy yourself living at your new level of financial freedom.
  • A meeting with your financial person to discuss a will, insurance, investments so that tonight you rest your head on the pillow and sigh a sigh of relief, feeling proud of yourself for facing a challenging moment.
  • 45 minutes every Friday to review your “numbers” and really look at what you need to keep moving in the direction of Financial Freedom. Use this time to create actions for next week. Momentum is your friend!
  • An hour coaching session to go deep into the what, why and how of Financial Freedom with a compassionate and inspiring objective person who can see past your story to your greatness, and help coax it to the foreground.