If you’re still trying to figure out when to squeeze a run into your WFH schedule, or trying to social-distance on the street just raises your anxiety level beyond the relief that cycling gives you, don’t despair. These three options will raise your heart rate without a treadmill, and you can do them in close quarters. Bonus: You get performance gains from strength moves, so you’ll feel a little better when you’re ready and able to hit the road.

Find the routine that meets your needs, below.

For small spaces and tight schedules

If time is a problem, this workout’s for you. It does double duty, strengthening your core—essential for just about all healthy movement—and raises your heart rate. No medicine ball? Use a chair, stool or box. No dumbbell? Use a band or even fill a water bottle.


For legs that want to run

When you don’t have space to sprint, this total-body workout will satisfy your urge to use those fast-twitch muscles. With plyometric moves that will get your heart rate up, it’s a good routine for the back yard or the garage.


For a good sweat and a laugh with friends

Your running group may have disbanded for the time being, but you can still enjoy some camaraderie with a livestream workout like 24GO LIVE. Tap into it from the 24GO app (available free of charge from the App Store and Google Play), and invite a friend or friends to join, ask the trainer questions before or during the workout and give feedback when you’re finished.

Photo credit: master1305, Getty Images