Did you know that you can improve your outlook and chances of success just by selecting the right words when saying everyday statements? In fact, sometimes the better word can actually empower you.

For instance, let’s discuss, your energy levels and the word “tired.”

“How are you? You look tired.” We’ve all heard that from someone — a co-worker, or a parent of a soccer teammate. It’s easy to reply, “Well, I guess I am tired.” Come to think of it, now you’re probably wondering how you’re going to drag through the rest of the day.

You might have reason to feel tired, because you stayed up late to work on a project or to finish watching a really good movie. But perhaps meeting that deadline or catching the end of the story was satisfying, even inspiring. What’s the alternative response?

The phrase that degrades: “I am tired.”

Why this holds you back: If you say, “I am tired,” you’ve created a black-and-white outcome. Either you’re tired or not — and in this case you are telling yourself you are tired and that won’t change.

The phrase that empowers: “I occur to myself as being tired.”

Here’s why this response gives you power: Saying “I occur” to myself as being tired makes it a phase that you can change. You may not have time for a nap, but there are plenty of ways to re-energize, mentally and physically (like remembering the satisfaction of meeting the deadline or just standing up and stretching).

And just like that, with the right word choice, you’ve improved your chances of taking control of your day.

Photo credit: Thinkstock, iStock sezer66.