Zumba takes on interval training with its new class, STRONG.

A worldwide dance phenomenon, Zumba is known for its Latin beats, hip-swiveling moves and high-energy atmosphere. But last year, Zumba launched a new class: STRONG by Zumba, and it’s nothing like the popular dance class you may know and love.

If you’re a Zumba fan, or are just interested in trying a new class format, here are three things to know before you step into your first STRONG class.

It’s NOT a dance class

If you love high-intensity interval training, martial arts and beat-driven music, this is the workout class for you. But newbies be advised: This is not a dance class. In STRONG by Zumba, you’ll use your own bodyweight to push yourself through a HIIT-like workout.

In this one-hour class, you’ll do everything from traditional squats and lunges to burpees, shuffles, kicks, punches, push-ups and all sorts of core-sculpting moves as you work out to EDM and hip-hop inspired beats. Many of the moves come from traditional martial arts classes (sidekicks, back kicks, front kicks, punches, cross hooks).

Short on time and can’t squeeze the 60-minute format into your schedule? No sweat. In January 2019, STRONG by Zumba is introducing a 30-minute version of the high-intensity, full-body workout, called STRONG 30, so you don’t have to skip a single workout.

It’s broken into four quadrants

  • Quadrant one (“Ignite”): The first quadrant includes foundational moves that will help warm your body up and prepare you for the more intense quadrants to come.
  • Quadrant two (“Fire up”): Once your heart rate is up, you’ll move into quadrant two, where you’ll increase the intensity with moves that utilize your own bodyweight, including punching and squats, and challenge your stabilization and core.
  • Quadrant three (“Push your limits”): Quadrant three will introduce new movement combos, and you’ll work your hardest yet, improving your stamina and working your whole body.
  • Quadrant four (“Floorplay”): The final quadrant takes place—you guessed it—on the floor. You’ll focus on your core and strengthening your abdominals with a variety of moves.

The music is uber exclusive

Unlike other group exercise classes, the music for STRONG was reverse-engineered to match the moves, which were established first. This reverse-engineering is a first in the world of fitness. With music by famed DJ Steve Aoki and music producer Timbaland, STRONG has exclusive music made just for the class, with EDM and hip-hop rhythms that you won’t hear anywhere else.

Interested in trying STRONG by Zumba? Find it at a 24 Hour Fitness near you.

Photo credit: Courtesy of Zumba