First it was death cleaning, then it was lagom, both winners in our book. So, naturally, we fell head over heels for the latest trend to come from the Swedish the moment we heard about it.

Plogging is the term derived for jogging and the Swedish phrase for pick up, “polcka upp.” Pick up what exactly, you might be asking? Any litter or trash you happen upon in your jogging route.

This latest fitness trend could be great not only for your health (it’s estimated you’ll burn up to 288 calories for just 30 minutes of plogging), but also for the earth’s. This does mean you have to carry a small garbage bag during your jog, and you’ll probably want to wear gloves when picking up other people’s trash. But hey, in addition to your run, every time you squat down to pick up trash, you’re helping shape your posterior.

Photo credit: Francesco Gallarotti, Unsplash