Each year, the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas brings the latest innovation in tech in any form: gadgets, gizmos and intriguing new products that you have yet to imagine. Over 4,500 companies showed off their latest products at CES 2020; the show is miles long with maps and coaches  you can hire to make the most of your days exploring and testing new concepts.

Given the scale of the show, it is truly challenging to list the top products and easier to consider the exhibitors in categories, including the coolest tech, the most disruptive products or the most impractical ideas. That said, health and wellness took center stage at CES, introducing many new devices and artificial intelligence to increase inclusivity and to improve users’ quality of life. Products on display at CES ranged from technology to level up workout routines, to devices for improving and monitoring cardiovascular health, to supporting an active-aging lifestyle.

Below are our editors’ picks of game-changing health, fitness and wellness concepts from CES 2020, designed to help you get fit and achieve your fitness and life goals.

Working Out

Jabra Elite Active 75t ($199, available for pre-order)
Making sure that you have the right tunes and thus the right earbuds or headphones is a workout priority. Paying attention to the success of its many competitors, Jabra stepped up its 2020 game with the Jabra Elite Active 75t. Built with the promise to be the best fitting high-performance earbuds, they come with a 2-year warranty including damage from sweat and dust, and up to 7.5-hour battery life and 28 hours with the charging case, so you can take these on your longest endurance run and still be jamming on the leg home. They are also packed with amazing technology in a new compact design including speakers and four built-in mics with volume control and an app that you can use to equalize the sound, so you can create your bespoke audio profile and only let in the sounds that motivate you to keep moving.

Nurvv Run ($299, available now)
Millions of people tap into a runner’s high as a reward for their go-to sweat session. Good for them, but for millions of others, running just doesn’t reach peak bliss. Pain gets in the way, or they just can’t identify an ideal pace or race to achieve their goals. Running can feel better and reap results which is the point of Nurvv Run Insoles. Designed to give you the data and guidance needed to make better choices with each step, they are packed with 32 sensors that capture data 1,000 times per second. Nurvv Run promises to measure the most important technique factors including step length, foot strike, pronation and asymmetry, to help you run faster and longer. The product includes a personalized coaching app that leverages advanced biomechanics to analyze the performance data and help you make sense of the miles you ran, as well as improve your experience the next time you hit the road.


Philips SmartSleep Deep Sleep Headband  ($399, available now)
We are hustling to make more use of our waking hours, which means we need to optimize our sleeping hours. Most assume this means sleeping more and while it’s true that we need more sleep, there is a growing awareness that we should pay more attention to sleep quality. The Philips SmartSleep Deep Sleep Headband is designed to help you feel more rested regardless of how long you sleep. It’s a giant headband that at first may feel like a restrictive hat, but humans are very adaptable and once you drift off, it promises to facilitate more restorative sleep by triggering quiet audio tones that boost the quality of “slow-wave sleep” (deep sleep). The headband helps guide the user through the stages of sleep, almost acting like a brain wave trainer to take the sleeper through rapid eye movement (REM) and non-REM sleep, and into a deeper stage of sleep where heartbeat and breathing slow to their lowest levels and muscles relax. This is the most restorative stage of sleep, often called “slow-wave” sleep. The headband pairs with an app for tracking, and those who have used it have reported positive results within 10 to 14 days.

Smart Tools Smart Cuffs  (starting at $350, available now)
This product is worth watching. Recovery and rehab are mainstream conversations, and anyone serious about results is considering what the best recovery protocol is for the goal. To make recovery and rehab more widely available to the public, a company called Smart Tools introduced Smart Cuff, a personalized pneumatic blood-flow restriction pump, designed to promote muscle growth, minimize the loss of muscle mass and build strength. This is a unique soft-tissue manipulation instrument that can be used both for clinical and personal use. The Smart Cuff is placed either at the proximal portion of the humerus (between bicep and deltoid) or at the proximal portion of the femur/thigh for blood flow restriction training (BFR), which serves to safely restrict venous blood flow from a working muscle while allowing arterial blood flow to that muscle. As a result, metabolic stress and cellular swelling are increased, which can result in increased growth hormone, muscle hypertrophy and muscle strength. The Smart Cuff does not allow the maximum constriction found at a medical clinic, and instead constricts to a safe degree to prevent overuse or misuse by extreme athletes who might think more is better. The cuffs easily glide on and can be used to help decrease scar tissue and adhesions. BFR is a game-changer in the world of rehab and the Smart Cuff makes it available to fitness professionals and athletes at home, not just at a rehab center.


Impossible Pork (prices vary, available this spring in select stores and restaurants)
Plant-based meat has really grown up. Among the many products on display, a few piqued the curiosity of attendees as well as robust social media conversations. For a die-hard meat lover, a substitution that tastes great and is good for the body is unfathomable. But Impossible Foods—the makers of Impossible Burger 2.0— has served up its newest offering: Impossible Pork, a plant-based option available as ground meat or sausage that’s designed to be planet-friendly as well as certified kosher and halal. While highly processed, it is made of soy with fat sourced from sunflower oil and coconut oil, and also includes amino acids, vitamins, sugars and heme—a common compound found in all living organisms that somehow manages to pull the flavors together. (Bacon lovers will have to wait a little longer for the perfect slice.)

GE Kitchen Hub Microwave ($1299, available now)
Some rooms seem better off without a screen, like the bedroom and the kitchen/dining room. The bedroom is reserved for sleeping + activities, of course, and the kitchen should remain a space for creating masterpieces of nourishment and connections with those you love. This is exactly what GE had in mind when they created the GE Kitchen Hub, which sounds strange, but somehow works. It allows you to connect out the world and blend your kitchen activities with a connected experience to the world, whether that means coupling your screen time to prep time or following a recipe how-to tutorial, Instagramming your latest culinary creation or video chatting with grandma while you feed the kids. It doesn’t take up additional room and it makes use of precious moments.


Y-Brush ($125, available March)
Brushing your teeth on the daily doesn’t take much time out of your morning routine, but it does take time and some people struggle to fit those two minutes in and do it well. Y Brush is ready to give you back 110 seconds of your day and deliver your pearly whites. It makes use of multiple brushes to clean half of your mouth at a time instead of the small head of a regular toothbrush, which cleans one tooth at a time. The Y Brush fits like a mouthpiece and gets the job done in 10 seconds. Add a wall sit and you have a superset.

Mateo Smart Bath Mat ($179, available March on Kickstarter)
It’s not all about the scale, but when it is, it might as well be convenient. Mateo has a new solution that you can integrate into your daily shower/bathing routine. The Mateo Smart Bath Mat is also a smart scale and records your weight as you get in and out of the shower, then sends the data to a mobile app. It can track your whole family, and it’s a great way to stay on track without adding another to-do on your health and fitness journey.