Take your performance training to the next level with Lucid’s new meditation album.

It’s no scientific secret that music has emotional, mental and physical effects on humans. It’s why powerful musical scores help us to feel the dramatic emotions of a film, or why we pop in our headphones and throw on our favorite workout playlist before we hit the pavement running.

But what if music, together with meditation, could help you unlock just how powerful you truly are?

Unlock your present

The team behind Lucid, an app founded by Soren Gordhamer and Jason Stirman that helps train athletes in mental performance, recently teamed up with composer Frederick Alexander II for their latest mental performance project. “Unlock” is a 10-track album of spoken meditations set to music, and was designed to help the listener unlock whatever it is they’re working through in life in that moment. For Lucid, which produces mental training tracks within its app for everyone one from professional athletes to everyday gym goers, this is a first of its kind.

“We wanted to create something that had purpose to it. It’s not random songs,” says Lucid’s director of mental performance, Graham Betchart, who has spent more than a decade training elite athletes. “So if it’s a student working on getting into college, or if it’s someone joining a gym in January and wanting to keep their resolution … every single song is designed to lead you on a path where you recognize everything you’re looking for is already inside of you. It’s literally designed to help you push through and perform at a higher level with whatever you’re working on right now in your life.”

The science behind the music

With 10 meditation tracks set to specifically engineered music, “Unlock” takes you on a mental journey, with a scientific method behind it. Just like we remember the lyrics from our favorite songs simply by hearing the melody, the music behind each of the album tracks is designed to drive the theme, and help the listener recall the message.

“Music moves mindset. It’s a way for people to take in information, and when you put melody behind words, it gives your brain what’s called dual encoding. It gives your brain two chances to retain the information,” says Betchart, the voice behind the meditations.

Alexander, who met Lucid’s head of partnerships Andrew Zimmerman while studying at Stanford, has been producing music for more than a decade, but this experience was totally new for him as well. After years of conceptualizing what this collaboration could look like, he and Betchart finally sat down together in the studio and spent a lot of time following the process. The result was “Myndrite,” a life coaching “band” that uses music to move mindset.

“We didn’t just want to give people 10 mental workouts that are random and 10 cool beats. It’s actually a story. It’s actually a process, and it sort of works like a bell curve: It goes slower, ramps up and picks up energy, and then ramps back down,” explains Alexander. “I had to spend time with [Graham] to understand his process and how that whole bell curve works, and then I had to go through my library and literally look at BPMs and listen to everything that I already had and tried to fit and match where Graham was along that bell curve—along that story from one to 10.”

Betchart says, “Every beat on there is calculated to do a certain thing to your heart, to do a certain thing to your whole body, to get you into a certain space, and that’s the thing that was so impressive to me. Nothing is random when you hear that album. Every note is calculated.”

Mental training for anyone

Athlete, student, working professional—the album is truly for anyone in any stage of life. In fact, just a week before Betchart and Alexander finished recording the album, Alexander’s father passed away, and Alexandar says “Unlock” helped him begin to cope with his loss.

“I told Graham, ‘Man, I’m walking around the block listening to this and it’s helping me work through a lot. It’s helping me get the motivation to keep going, to unlock what’s next.’ It was extremely therapeutic for me, honestly,” says Alexander.

The team at Lucid recognizes that not everyone will connect with the music—everyone has their own musical tastes and preferences. Thankfully, Betchart already has four more albums in mind. “We hope to make other albums to reach people who like different genres and different sounds.”

Purchase the album on iTunes, or listen on Spotify. To learn more about Lucid, check out http://www.24life.com/living-lucid/, or to book Myndrite, visit myndrite.com.

Photo credit: Jeff Fung