Whether you know her from the fitness world, the business world, social media, the Internet, TV or all of the above, Chalene Johnson is on fire, and she’s here to stay.

Johnson has helped millions of people get fit through her popular workout programs like PiYo, Turbo Jam, Turbo Fire and ChaLEAN Extreme, and she’s mentored countless others on how to grow a business that allows them to live their dream lives.

24Life recently sat down with Johnson to find out how she stays informed, recovers and somehow manages to do it all.

On staying informed …

24Life: With so much information on health and wellness out there, how do you stay informed?

Chalene Johnson (CJ): It’s really important to avoid magazine covers. Oftentimes, I think we take our cues from celebrities, and a lot of the time, they’re doing what’s trendy. And there’s no comparison to science. You’ve got to look at what science says when we’re doing double-blind studies at universities and trying to figure out the best way for people to get better and have an incredible performance.

I’m a member of a couple of organizations where they bring to us the very best and latest research, which is important. I think as fitness professionals, we have an obligation not to follow trend, but to really look at the science.

On recovery …

24Life: How do you relax, down-regulate and recover?

CJ: I don’t like sitting still. So for me, to recover or to replenish my soul, I like to do physical things. This year, I took a group of 12 girls snowboarding in Park City, Utah and those that refused to go snowboarding, I said, “That’s fine, but you’re going to be outside doing something cold and uncomfortable.” And they had to pick other activities. For me, growth and doing something that’s challenging, as well as connecting with people and doing something physical replenishes me.

24Life: How do you manage to get enough sleep and do you have any rituals around sleep?

CJ: I was chronically sleep-deprived for about 20 years, and I started having memory issues and a lot of brain fog. I had my brain scanned and was shocked to find out that my brain looked like the brain of an 80-year-old. I was lying to myself thinking that I didn’t need much sleep. Since then, I’ve done sleep studies and I’ve taken my sleep incredibly serious, and now I allow myself to sleep. I have specific rituals and I keep myself accountable, and I wake up later. I force myself to get sleep, because I know that it affects the most important part of my body, which is my brain.

On beauty …

24Life: One more, what’s your must-do, never-skip beauty ritual?

CJ: My must-do, never-skip beauty ritual is to never be seen without makeup — ever. Even if I’m going out to the mailbox to get my mail, there’s going to be makeup on. You just never know who is going to see you.

24Life: What’s in your gym bag?

CJ: Deodorant. And I have been known to stop in the middle of class and go, “Oh, I forgot to put my deodorant on,” and put my deodorant on in class. Also hairspray, because that’s the only way you’re going to keep these bangs side-swept.

On goals …

24Life: What’s one new thing you want to learn or one new thing you’d like to try this year?

CJ: I like to be afraid. I like fear. I like to be physically challenged. And this year, I’d love to try a trapeze class.

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