From modeling and living in seven different countries to becoming a certified yoga teacher, Nikki Sharp is a wellness expert with years of fitness learning to share with her Instagram followers and blog readers.

Recently, Sharp shared her philosophy on fitness with 24Life, and a simple squat challenge that will leave your thighs burning and your booty toned.

Sharp’s squat challenge

“Fitness is not something that people need to spend two hours a day doing like a lot of celebrities talk about. It can be simple. I love doing little things like this little challenge: Every time you go to the bathroom throughout the day just do 10 squats as soon as you’re done.”

Sharp’s calculation is simple: The more water you drink, the more squats you have to do, and by the end of the day you’ve 100 squats without finding an hour to work out. Sharp says, “Just try it for a day and you’ll see—it made my booty look the best it ever has.”

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Photo credit: Courtesy of Nikki Sharp