The healing power of bone broth is unparalleled by any other food. Not only does bone broth provide the necessary micronutrients that the gut needs in order to heal, but it also supercharges the tissue healing process with collagen.

Collagen rebuilds tissue, and because of its rebuilding powers, homemade bone broth can actually help reverse the damage done by an autoimmune disease.

Broth commonly found in canned soup is made mostly of water, sodium and preservatives and does not have the healing benefits of homemade broth.

Although bone broth technically takes 24 to 36 hours to make, most of that time is devoted to simmering in the slow cooker—prep time only takes about 10 to 15 minutes. And it’s worth it! When you’re done, you will have a whole jar of goodness to last you the week, without the high cost of store-bought bone broth.

To mix it up a bit, you can make beef, vegetable, chicken bone or fish bone broth. They each have a slightly different mineral profile, so alternating broth type is the ticket to healing.

Be sure to drink bone broth first thing in the morning on an empty stomach for optimal results.

In order to make bone broth, simply do the following:

  1. Order grass-fed beef knuckle (high in collagen) and femur bones (high in minerals from bone marrow) from a local farmer.
  2. Brown them in the oven at about 375 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes, depending on size.
  3. Pop them in a slow cooker with water and a spritz of apple cider vinegar to draw out all the minerals from the bones.
  4. Simmer on low heat for at least 24 hours (less for smaller bones, like fish or chicken bones).

And that’s it—you have homemade broth!

Photo credit: photosiber, Adobe Stock