An urban shaman teaches us how to tap the transformational power of Fall.

The changing of seasons is one of the most beautiful gifts of nature. It’s also a powerful reminder that, as humans, we too must change within the seasons of our lives—letting go of the old and making room for the new.

A tree honors its leaves by shedding them at the perfect time (while they are still beautiful and colorful), releasing them with gratitude in order to make room for new growth, new goals, new dreams, new leaves. What leaves have grown on the tree of your life that no longer serve you and the new seeds of intention for your life? Let them go with gratitude, make room for the new leaves, and prepare your tree for those new branches and leaves or new goals and intentions you would like to grow.

24Life caught up with Trish Shallest, an urban shamanic practitioner who works with her clients to help them heal and empower themselves and to embrace their gifts and talents so they can be inspired to live their dreams. Here are three ways she suggests you can empower yourself to make the most of this season of change and transformation—within your own life, and with a little help from others.


1. Set an intention

Transform your thoughts into an intention for the season. It is the season of gratitude and letting go. Perhaps you might give thanks for all the blessings in your life. Or maybe your intention is to release anything that no longer serves your highest good in order to make more room for new dreams.

This is the season for letting go of clutter—not just in our home and our spaces but also in our minds. So setting an intention could mean letting go of words or thoughts that are no longer serving you. That can extend to removing items from your home that bring up old wounds or memories that you no longer want to be reminded of.

Set your intention, then let it go and allow that intention to manifest. If you are open to the outcome but not attached to it, your intention might manifest in ways you might not have thought of. I often include the phrase “or something better” in my intentions. This allows for my intention to be even better than I could possibly imagine!

2. Empower your words

Add meaning to your world through the power of your thoughts and words. Prayers, intentions and affirmations are words we put together and infuse with our energy and emotions. Then we send those prayers and intentions out to the universe or a higher power for manifestation. We also must let go of the practice of using negative words—toward ourselves and others.

Words are powerful: They are spells and you are listening. That is why your self-talk and the words that make up your thoughts matter. The way you think—also called mindfulness—matters, too. Practice noticing where your words and thoughts are positive and uplifting and notice where they aren’t.

One way to practice mindfulness is to notice when you find you’re saying things that do not uplift or inspire or go along with the positive intentions you want to bring into your life. Without blame or judgment, let go of those thoughts and words or take them back: You can say, or think, “Delete, delete, delete,” and then restate your words or thoughts in a way that lines up with your positive intentions. Speak about and to yourself with kindness.

Many people use their words in forms of a prayer or a chant in a ceremonial way perhaps, to add even more power to their intentions by adding emotion. It’s a great way to empower your words. Who you pray to and how is up to you, but if it feels right, set your intentions for connection to the good, true and beautiful of the universe. Get quiet and find the words that lift your soul, open your heart and emotionally inspire you toward your positive intentions.

3. Give thanks with others

Surround yourself with people who uplift you and believe in your dreams. As we move into the time of giving thanks, it’s a wonderful opportunity to invite people into your home to celebrate and give thanks together. Nothing adds warmth and blessing to a home like the love of friends and family, creating memories, laughing and enjoying time together.

A wonderful way to add good energy and more love and positive intentions into your space and the whole world is to use your words together as a blessing or prayer. You can begin with an ancient practice: Make a “spirit plate” with a bit of everything being served, set by the youngest guest near an open window or door or even outside.

Then you can offer a prayer of gratitude to the plants or animals that are part of the meal, honoring them and giving thanks for the ultimate sacrifice, knowing that in the circle of life, we all will participate in the sacred giveaway at some point.

There are many ways to use your words to bless or give thanks or pray. Find what works for you and your friends or family. Perhaps some people would like to offer their own thanks or gratitude, while others would like to give a silent prayer or blessing. There really is no right or wrong way to do it.

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