The dog days of summer are the perfect time to opt for salads. And there are plenty of options for picking up fresh produce: Many farmers markets have reconfigured to allow social distancing, while grocery stores offer curbside pick-up options or require customers to wear masks so that everyone can shop safely.

What’s more, salad prep can be a family affair. Everyone can pitch in on peeling, chopping or rinsing veggies and fruit.

Any of the recipes that follow can stand alone as meals. If you prefer to DIY, choose a rainbow of veggies, opt for healthy fats from sliced avocado or a handful of nuts, and pick proteins that can go from fridge or pantry to your salad bowl—such as leftover shredded chicken, thawed frozen, cooked shrimp, or chunks of canned tuna or salmon.

When you’re craving savory and sweet

Fruit can be an amazing addition to your summer salad. Maybe you tossed a few strawberries into your salads in spring, and now peaches and blueberries are plentiful, as well as tomatoes—technically a fruit, too! Try this trio of salads using summer’s bounty.

When lunch needs to double as dinner

These protein-packed salads from health and wellness expert Cortney Cribari will get you through the mid-afternoon slump. Double down on prep, and dinner tomorrow night is done!


When Taco Tuesday needs a refresh

For some of us, transforming the pile of produce in the fridge into a meal can be a little overwhelming. A build-your-own salad bar on the kitchen counter is far more manageable. While now’s not the time to have guests, it’s still a great option to get the family involved in fixing the meal. Need inspiration for what goes with what? Read on!