Give back, give away and build memories for a lifetime.

It’s ironic: We just finished practicing being thankful for what we already have, and the next day we’re encouraged to turn around and spend a bunch of money on things that—let’s face it—we probably don’t need just because they’re on super sale.

Fact: Accumulating stuff will not make you happy. It’s spending time with those we love and accumulating memories that will bring us true joy for a lifetime.

Here are three things to do instead of standing in line for TVs and toaster ovens on Black Friday (or spending all your hard-earned money on Cyber Monday “deals”). The best part? If you’re a parent, making this a Black Friday tradition is a great way to show your kids what it looks like to practice thankfulness all year long.

Spend the day with family

How often is your entire (or most of) your family in the same city together at once? Our guess: Not very often. Take advantage of that time, and spend time—not money—on the people you love. (They probably don’t want that toaster oven anyway.)

Sleep in, have a family breakfast, go for a walk or hike. This last one is a great option because you don’t have to get up early/stay up late/freeze to death standing outside of a store in a long line waiting to get trampled buying a PlayStation; you probably have family members who traveled from all over to spend the holidays with you; and you probably just consumed way more food then you usually do every other day of the year (turkey, mashed potatoes, you know, the usual culprits), so you could use a little movement.

Donate your time/money to a good cause

If you’re reeeeally itching to spend some money, instead of buying more stuff (see above), put that cash toward a good cause. Donate to a natural disaster relief organization, or purchase some school supplies for kids in need.

Or, if you have extra time on your hands (it is the day after a holiday, after all), go volunteer! At an animal shelter, a homeless shelter, picking up trash—whatever you choose, bless someone else with your time and energy.

Spend the day cleaning out and giving away

Step aside, spring. It’s time for a little winter closet clean-out. Christmas is just around the corner, and we know you’ve made a list of things you want. Plus, others will most likely be gifting you more clothes, household items and so forth this holiday season.

Take the day to sort through your things (maybe even give Marie Kondo’s method a try) and get rid of stuff you no longer use or wear. Donate them to Goodwill or a shelter, and feel great about being one step closer to becoming a minimalist.

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