Don’t cry for Sara Marquez – just watch and be inspired.

Sara Marquez was in a car accident that injured her leg so severely, she chose to have part of it amputated. As a mother of six, Marquez was determined to get back to normal, and yet everyday tasks like getting dressed and finishing household chores were difficult. Her physical therapist recommended she join a gym, and Marquez remembered there was a 24 Hour Fitness near her home.

When personal trainer James Ryan Briggs started working with Marquez, who now trains six to eight times a week with him, he found that “she inspires me to think outside the box.” Not because Briggs has to adapt exercises for Marquez, but because “we’ve gone through so many already.”

Now, Marquez has set new goals: to do a cartwheel, and to start wearing high heels again. Watch Marquez’ journey firsthand — you won’t want to miss what she does now.