Manny Lazarit, a member at 24 Hour Fitness Glendora Sport, is breaking his own barriers, and his GX24 instructor says that’s inspiration for all.

The now-dedicated gym goer was once too nervous even to try out a GX24 class. It wasn’t until he met instructor Lourdes Vanessa Flores that his fitness journey really started to take off.

“I subbed a Zumba class at the 24 Hour Fitness Chino Super-Sport gym and throughout class, I got to dance with Manny, and I didn’t even know his name yet,” says Flores. The chance encounter between instructor and member altered Lazarit’s wellness course after Flores invited him to join STRONG by Zumba on Saturdays.

Flores hoped that she had gained Lazarit’s confidence after that first meeting, fully expecting to see him that Saturday—especially after she witnessed his dedication and rhythm in class. And even after Lazarit didn’t show up to the first STRONG by Zumba class, or the following one, she didn’t lose hope.

“It took him a couple of weeks to come to class,” Flores says, but now Lazarit is a regular at her Saturday gathering and the two of them even chat after class where “we both share our fitness goals.”

Slowly but surely, those classes and friendly exchanges have resulted in some outstanding progress for both Lazarit and Flores. Since that chance meeting, Lazarit has gone from a 5XL to an XL, and is a dedicated Zumba fanatic. But what impresses Flores most is Lazarit’s passion to keep growing and improving on his path to health and wellness.

“Manny’s passion to succeed and to see him break his own barriers class after class” has a tremendous impact, Flores enthuses. She’s honored to be a part of his weight-loss journey, adding, “He sure proves that anything is possible.”