“I love the work because it loves me back,” says George Velazquez, GX24 instructor at 24 Hour Fitness Saddle Brook Sport Gym in New Jersey. After working out and seeing results on his own, Velazquez became a certified fitness instructor, soon realizing that he took as much pride in his own successes as he did in his 24 Hour Fitness members’.

One member in particular Velazquez is consistently blown away by is 70-year-old Pat Christian. “I began working with Pat probably more than eight years ago,” the instructor says, “and what has impressed me the most is her commitment to fitness.”

Christian’s commitment to fitness has been a long-term lifestyle choice, but she claims that the feeling she gets when exercising or trying a different class is new every time.

“I get excited to see if I can challenge myself and push beyond old limits,” the dedicated member says of her workouts, which includes taking multiple GX24 classes and other functional-fitness activities. “I regularly lift weights, take BODYCOMBAT classes, boot camp, and, of course, Cycle with my amazing instructor George Velazquez.”

And, as if that wasn’t enough, Christian recently became a certified Zumba instructor! But Velazquez isn’t surprised because Christian is a constant presence in the 24 Hour Fitness community, offering plenty of support and motivation to others.

“She always pushes herself to the next level and continues to motivate others,” Velazquez says. “She’s Wonder Woman for real.”

And while Christian may not bring her Lasso of Truth with her to the gym, she certainly feels strong enough without it.

“Working out brings me so much satisfaction and makes me proud of myself for doing the work,” she says. “I love that I feel strong and full of energy when I’m done. Bottom line, it makes me happy!”

Strong, happy and healthy. Now those are superpowers we can all get behind.