Kim Germain is fitness coach to 24 Hour Fitness members James Fisher and Ron Bookbinder, who decided to try personal training although Fisher “hated exercise” and Bookbinder had been cycling for years to help manage Type II diabetes. Germain helped both members discover they were capable of much more than they thought possible, and they’re thrilled with their mental gains and physical results.

It takes a first step and more to stay on a transformation journey, so we asked Germain for her expert insights into success.

24Life: What makes people successful at trying something new like personal training?

Kim Germain: Ron and James are very different in their personalities, experiences, goals, motivation and exercise history. As a result, their programs are different and ever-evolving. While higher weights/reps or lower numbers on the scale may be motivating factors, they only tell a small part of the story. Their success has also been rehabbing after a knee replacement, improving posture, decreasing back pain, helping manage diabetes, addressing a frozen shoulder, learning new skills and making overall lifestyle changes that positively impact their lives outside the gym.

24Life: What are some of the things you’ve observed that people learn about themselves when they try something new?

KG: Trying something new can be difficult and uncomfortable at first, but it is necessary for growth. The increased confidence and self-assurance I observe when people overcome challenges is the best part of my job.

24Life: What do clients who are able to stick with something new seem to have in common?

KG: They embrace the process of continual growth. If you keep pushing the bar a little farther, you are always becoming a better version of yourself.

24Life: Any advice for someone who’s considering trying something new?

KG: My advice is to jump in, but start small! Embrace the little victories that lead you to the big ones.

Results may vary.  Please consult a physician before starting or changing a fitness routine.  Personal training and virtual personal training available to 24 Hour Fitness members for an additional fee.

Photo credit: Kim Germain