There’s nothing like low back pain to make you feel not yourself or keep you from your next workout. Here’s a move that does not require you to think through the fog—it’s a nearly foolproof release to reunite yourself with your body! Celebrity fitness and self-care expert Jill Miller, creator of The Roll Model® Method, shares a bonus move from her acclaimed self-care practice to help you feel like yourself again in no time.

To get started, you’ll need two Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Balls in a tote.

Obliques, QL and Psoas

Deep low-back pain? Stiffness in the obliques and core from a workout? The obliques, quadratus lumborum and psoas form the “side seams” of your abs and lower back, but you don’t need to know your anatomy to release and revive them.

  • Sit on the floor and place the balls in their tote against your side, at waist level.
  • Lower your body to drape your torso over the balls. Place a pillow or yoga block under your head if it’s more comfortable.
  • Breathe deeply to relax more fully into this stretch.
  • You can also rock from side to side, tuck your pelvis or pin and spin around the balls to deepen the release of the trio of muscles targeted.

Photo credit: Tom Casey,
Video credit: Courtesy of The Roll Model® Method