We asked our stylists for their go-to workout hairdos.

Is there anything more annoying than your hair sticking to your sweaty face during an intense workout? Possibly not. Long hair, short hair—whatever your ‘do length, here are tips and hairstyle hacks from professional hair and makeup stylists we love.

Name: Katie Nash
Preferred activity or workout(s): Running (I love track workouts) and yoga
My go-to hairstyle: Two French braids
Why it works: Braids help control any flyaways or shorter layers around the hairline so they don’t get in my eyes when I’m running or in an inverted yoga pose. Also, if I’m on the move post-workout and don’t have time to wash and dry my hair, I can undo the braids and voilà—beachy waves! I’ll usually add a little dry shampoo at the roots and tousle ends with my fingers … of course this works best for mild workouts, not super sweaty sessions.
Pro-tip: I create a center part and French braid each side starting at the hairline and securing the end with a small clear elastic band. (If I have bangs, sometimes I’ll pin them back with a bobby pin if they’re too short to incorporate into the style.)
What I use: Two elastic hair bands, bobby pin

Name: Mia Delina Escobar
Preferred activity or workout(s): Cycling/Spin class, lifting, yoga
My go-to hairstyle: Top knot or double Dutch braids
Why it works: I have long, thick, curly hair—which I love—but in the gym it’s a different story. Whether I’m climbing a hill or doing sprints in a cycle class, or squatting or planking while lifting, I’m usually dripping sweat, and the last thing I want to feel is hair on my face and neck. That’s why a top knot is my go-to for keeping my hair secure on the top of my head. But during yoga, the top knot gets in the way of my head stand practice—big no-no!—which is why I opt for the double Dutch braids instead. They are both trendy and functional. My hair is secure, comfortable and out of my face when I’m upside down or in shavasana.
Pro-tip / What I use: Edge Control is my pro-tip! This product is like a waxy pomade, with hold. Along with my curls come lots and lots of frizzies, especially around my face. When mixed with sweat, this hair sticks to my face and neck—gross! I just use a small bit of Edge Control around my whole hairline, keeping all my fly-aways together, out of my face and off my neck!

Name: Mariah Nicole Buian
Preferred activity or workout(s): The Bar Method, Pilates
My go-to hairstyle: Ponytail! It’s fast and easy.
Why it works: The ponytail is classic and great for keeping hair out of my face and off my neck when I am doing a barre class or using the Pilates reformer. When I lay on my back, I just quickly adjust it from the middle of my head down towards the neck.
Pro-tip: Ponytails can cause damage when used too often and for too many hours at a time. The tension from weight and gravity can wear your hair thin where the band makes contact and even break strands, leaving you with “fly-aways.” Prevent damage by using “snag-free” or “crease-free” hair bands and ribbons. Try to keep your hair down before and after a workout, or secured by another method, like pins.
What I use: To fight the damage, I take supplements for strengthening my hair, such as Vitamin E, folic acid and lecithin. I prefer to use the crease-free elastic ties and hair ribbons, which can be found at drug stores and beauty supplies. Brands Scünci and Goody make some great ones, as well as Sephora. They come in a variety of fabrics, patterns and colors.

Name: Cathi Singh
Preferred activity or workout(s): Yoga, hiking, chasing my 4-year-old son!
My go-to hairstyle: Two low messy buns. Take your index finger and draw a zig-zag line down the middle of the back of your head to create two segments of hair. Twist each segment and wrap it into a tight circle just behind your ear. Take a sturdy elastic and wrap twice around the bun. Now the fun part! Pinch and pull lightly on parts of hair to create a more lived in casual look. I usually stick a few bobby pins in here and there for extra security. Pop on a hat and get your sweat on.
Why it works: To me, this is a fun, fit style because it frames your face and is great if you like to wear hats during or after a workout. And it keeps the hair in place and off your sweaty neck!
Pro-tip: Use a little dry shampoo (I use R+Co Death Valley Dry Shampoo) on your roots beforehand to give volume and help keep the matted hair look at bay. Post workout, undo the hair ties and shake out the messy buns for a loose wave
What I use: I just got hooked on hair tie bracelets. They hold your favorite elastic in place in the middle of a sleek bangle. I always know where my hair tie is! The no-crease ribbon elastic hair ties are my favorite—they’re much gentler and there is less breakage.

Name: Nikol Elaine
Preferred activity or workout(s): Yoga, cycling, hiking outdoors
My go-to workout hairstyle: My standard go-to is a tight top knot, but my new “updated” style is two knots (one at the crown of my head, the other below where a low ponytail would go).
Why it works: When I am moving, I really cannot stand having any hairs in my face, as I do sweat—and prefer to have it sleek. Plus, I have a ton of hair, so it needs to be wrangled!
Pro-tip: If you are like me and wear your hair up a lot, make sure to take it down at night and let it rest! Too much time up can sometimes cause breakage and more baby hairs to form.
What I use: I buy different hair bands (thicker and thinner), and also different sizes to make sure whatever style I am creating isn’t tugging too much. Sometimes the band can be too tight and end up causing damage to your hair.

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