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Weekday Workouts: 24 and More

Resolved to get moving this month? We’ve got every part of you covered with more than two dozen workouts. Created by...


Your Yoga Playlist

If there were ever a moment when the world needed yoga, we are now living through it. Anxiety management is in...


Koya Webb: From Self-Care Will Come Answers—and Purpose

While recovering from her first injury, Koya Webb discovered yoga and quickly saw the mind/body benefits of moving meditation.


4 Moves to Help You Open Up After Sitting All Day

Have you been sitting at your desk, driving all day, or flying across the country? These low-key recovery moves are terrific...

Young man practicing Upward Facing Dog Pose Movement

Yoga Strong: Your Active Recovery Workout

This workout couples strength-building movement and yoga poses, for days when you want a change from weights and pounding cardio workouts....


Strength vs. Flexibility

Spend any time on Instagram and you’ll likely be bombarded with images of svelte and toned yogis with their leg extended...


Four Moves to Open Your Shoulders and Chest

We sit frequently throughout the day—commuting to work, sitting at our desks or in meetings, looking at our phones, watching television....


Seven Self-Care Stretches Before Bed

Anytime is the perfect moment to refresh your bedtime routine.


Yogi and Composer Daveed Adjian Says Take These Steps for Change

If you haven’t taken GX24 instructor Daveed Adjian’s yoga class at 24 Hour Fitness, you might have met him through his...


A Holiday Mobility Program to Overcome the Season’s Overwhelm

This silly season, don’t forget to take some time for yourself. Here is a great “work-in” (as opposed to a workout) program that focuses on mobility.


Work in an Office All Day? This Yoga Workout Is for You

This program is designed for anyone who sits for long periods throughout the day, to help change how your body reacts to sitting and combat its effects.


An Ayurvedic Approach to Season Change

Ayurveda tells us that human beings are merely a microcosm of the macrocosm—a smaller part of the greater whole.


Seven Moves From Ariel Kiley to Attune to Your Inner Purpose

Intuition. Your gut. Instinct—whatever you choose to call it, we all possess an inner-guidance system that knows what is best for...


Yoga Work-In

Time is a precious resource, and just when you think you don’t have enough of it for both a workout and self-care, a yoga work-in comes to the rescue.


Meet Elena Brower

A mama, student, teacher, speaker, author, coach and entrepreneur, Elena Brower has had her hands in a steady stream of creative, meaningful projects.

Model lying on her side with yoga block between legs Movement

24 Ways to Use a Yoga Block in Your Workout

Deepen stretches, ignite your core, or invite awareness into movements and poses you’ve done a thousand times—just by adding the versatile...

A yoga instructor places their hands on a student's lower back and shoulders to help them in a forward fold pose. Regeneration

Tweak These Common Yoga Cues and Wake Up Your Practice

Here are a few cues passed down from the ancient yogis that have been modified for optimal alignment to make your next practice more comfortable.


Three Recovery Poses to Revitalize Your Tissues

Passive recovery is just as important to a health, wellness and fitness routine as resistance training, good nutrition and sleep. Tiffany...


News Flash: Hot Yoga vs. Regular Yoga, Alcohol and Nicotine Sleep Disruptors and Other Health News

Every week, we bring you a roundup of the latest health and wellness news to hit the wire. This week, we...

Tiffany Cruikshank in Warrior 2 post on the grass Uncategorized

Rebalance and Strengthen With These Three Yoga Moves From Tiffany Cruikshank

Many people view a yoga practice as a stretching session. And while yoga is a great way to stretch and strengthen...


Energy Medicine Yoga: Those Vibes Are Real

Lauren Walker uses energy medicine yoga to treat physical and emotional ailments and become a more efficient and joy-filled human being - and you can, too.


Three Ways to Create Connection and Community With Your Yoga Practice

We all have that moment during a yoga class when we want to slow down, to stop, to run out of...

Game Changers

Yoga as Medicine—for the World

Tiffany Cruikshank, creator of Yoga Medicine and featured in 24Life, is paving the way for ancient Eastern insight and modern Western...


Fitness Kept This Teacher and Student Alive

In 2011, high-school teacher Colin Gregory suffered a traumatic brain injury and severe spinal injuries in a work-related incident that left...


A Yoga Flow for Your Core

Yoga is one of the ancient forms of movement, focusing on a combination of strength, flexibility and breathwork. Although yoga may...

Tiffany Cruikshank in a seated yoga twist on a boat dock Mindset

Tiffany Cruikshank Shows Yoga Supports Western Medical Care

Tiffany Cruikshank says that insights from yoga into the function of fascia and connective tissue are transforming sports medicine and ideas about health.

Game Changers

Lauren Walker Shares Her Stress-Busting Technique and More

Summer is just around the corner, which means longer days, more daylight, and time for fun, vacation and relaxation. Those longer...


Improve These Five Yoga Poses With Help From the TRX

Ask any fitness professional and chances are they will tell you that yoga is a practice you must add to your...


A Yoga Instructor on Yoga as Self-Care for Long-Term Well-Being

Cheryl Green took her first yoga class more than a decade ago and was hooked. “I was so drawn to yoga...


Restore and More With This Yoga Flow

We are conditioned to experience the end of summer as the bridge to the rest of the year. Usually, we begin...