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Improve These Five Yoga Poses With Help From the TRX

Ask any fitness professional and chances are they will tell you that yoga is a practice you must add to your...


Five Foolproof TRX Ab Exercises You’ll Love to Hate

As a former professional swimmer, I may not wear a swimsuit daily anymore, but I still train like I do. So...


Master This Move: Bicycle Crunch

The bicycle crunch has been a staple in the fitness community for many years. This exercise requires not only core strength...


Six Benefits of Training Grip Strength, and Eight Exercises to Strengthen Your Grip

Core? Check. Glutes? Check. Arms? Check. Grip strength? … Ahem, grip strength? …. One of the most overlooked components of many...


Limber Up for Spring

Get ready for more active days by loosening up those stiff or tight joints with this total-body mobility set.

man-clapping-between-pushups Movement

Sweat Set HIIT Magic

This high-intensity interval program combines the popular power move with classic dumbbell strength builders to put some magic in your sweat.

woman-lying-on-running-track Movement

Rest For Better Performance and Recovery

Although rest might feel like doing nothing, it’s anything but - our body gets busy replenishing fuel, building muscle and hydrating our tissues. Learn how better sleep, breaks, and lower-intensity exercises all benefit your performance, no matter what your goal.


Seven Workouts for Seven Moods

Whether you’re angry, nervous or riddled with excitement, there’s no mood a great sweat session can’t help shake or soothe.


Introducing Core Into Your Cardio Workout on the Adaptive Motion Trainer

Walk into any gym during peak hours and you join fellow participants on the quest to find an open treadmill, elliptical...


Core and Cardio Superset Workout

This is a fast-paced workout that combines core training with a variety of cardiovascular drills—and can be completed in less than...


Master This Move: Loaded Front Squat

This move is a fixture in the strength-and-conditioning world, and it can be performed with a variety of weight options—including a...


Want a Better, More Effective Core Workout? Conquer the Kettlebell Windmill

Even though the modern fitness industry is still relatively young, we have developed specific traditions along with many habits, some good...


This Workout Will Help You Kick-Start a New Fitness Routine

This workout will get your entire body moving by combining strength, cardio and mobility—and takes less than 30 minutes to complete—both...


Cardio Revival

Tired of trotting on the treadmill? Dig into this total-body workout that does double duty, building strength and elevating your heart rate with classic moves punctuated by cardio blasts to really get you going.


Core Moves You’ll Love to Hate

Everyone loves the way strong abs look and the way a strong core feels (especially when they’re lifting a heavy suitcase or kid), but core workouts are possibly everyone’s favorite workout to hate.


You Got This: How to Persevere When You Don’t Really Feel Like It

No matter how motivated we are, or how soon we expect to see results, or how fantastic that new shirt is (and it is), ... we still need to put in the work.


Four Moves to Train the Inner Thighs

Have you ever wanted to target specific areas of your body? How about the inner thighs (which are technically called your...


Game-Day-Ready Workout With the Los Angeles Rams

24 Hour Fitness, the official fitness sponsor of the Los Angeles Rams, wants to help you get game-day ready, as the...


Seven TRX Movement Elements to Master Any Exercise

Nothing ever changes by standing still. You won’t get stronger by sitting in a chair. You won’t run faster by lounging...


Master This Move: Wood Chop

Want powerful hips? Rock-solid abs? A strong back? Who doesn’t?! This classic movement isn’t just for farmhands and lumberjacks—it’s for anyone...


7 Workouts to Match Your Fitness Goal

Even if you don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions, you probably secretly wish that 2019 is the year you finally lose weight, build muscle or put an end to those midnight ice cream binge sessions.


The Universal Warm-Up and Cool-Down

No matter what you’ve resolved to do, you’ll get more from your movement—and minimize chances of injury—if you get your body ready to go with a dynamic warm-up.


Workout – Weight Loss

While feeling good in your body is clearly now a priority for many, weight loss remains a top New Year’s resolution in the U.S., and possibly the most frequently broken commitment.


Workout – Feel Better

This workout features circuits to give you the right balance of some varied movement, including body weight and moves with free weights, to reduce the risk of joint overload through repetition.


Workout – Tone and Shape

A trim, shapely physique is the one goal that simply holds universal appeal.


Workout – Build Muscle

Technically speaking, acquiring muscle mass requires stressing your body to the point of triggering an acute inflammatory response that generates protein synthesis.


Workout – Perform Well and Even Beat That PR

This workout incorporates resistance and body-weight movements that help your body learn to operate efficiently—so that your muscles, tendons and ligaments function together to an advantage.


Workout – Achieve Movement Mastery

This workout is designed to engage not only your muscles but also your brain.


Workout – Boost Mobility and Flexibility

While it’s impressive to see seasoned yogis contorting their bodies with ease, mobility is something that more people realize is essential to moving through each day comfortably.


A Workout You Can Do to Keep Your Immune System Healthy and Strong

Nobody likes getting sick. From that first tickle in your throat to sneezing and the chills, we all dread the moment...