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Master This Move: Squat Thruster

The squat thruster is a staple in many metabolic conditioning programs because it is a very taxing movement on your muscular,...


The Stretch Solution: A Workout for Your Fascia

This is a fluid workout that will get your body moving in all major directions and angles, focusing on major fascial...


A Spooky, Sweaty Halloween Workout You Can Do Anywhere

If this spooky, scary holiday doesn’t get your heart rate up, this bodyweight workout is sure to make you sweat. Run,...


U.S. Olympians and Paralympians on What Makes a Good Workout and Why Recovery Matters

Three Team USA athletes talk about their favorite workouts, nutrition and the importance of recovery. We’ve heard it all before: Workouts...


Could Swearing Make You Stronger?

A recent study suggests the power of profanity may play a role in exercise success. A team of psychologists from the...


Exercising to Blow off Steam? Why That Could be Risky

The saying is you should never go to bed angry—turns out, you shouldn’t workout angry either. We’ve all been there: They...


The Science Behind Sweat

Why becoming a hot, sweaty mess during your workout is a good thing. Dr. Steve Faulkner has been working in the...


Meet Radio DJ Dave Styles

Get to know the voices from your favorite radio stations, including their go-to workouts and how they de-stress. Dave Styles is...


The Science of Play

We played before we started working out. Play is our natural state. It’s perhaps one of the most innate forms of...

Game Changers

Meet Fitness Coaches Alex Carneiro and Siera Capesius

We ask the fitness power couple for their go-to workouts, and where they find inspiration. They’re the ultimate power couple: Alex...

Game ChangersMindset

Unleashing the Female Beast

Movement phenomenon The Class injects some emotional energy into a workout.


Booty-Building Moves for Your Next Workout

Work out with these four moves that’ll lift and firm your booty.


Build Endurance with a Six-Move Circuit

Strength training is a great strategy for building stamina.


Daily Burn 15-Minute Leg Workout to Tone Up Fast

Eight moves will put your rear in gear.


Make Your Self-Care Move

When you need to make a plan, choose moves to liberate your body and clear your mind.


Sneak Attack

The right pair of sneakers is the foundation of your workout.


Power Up Your Pull-Ups with Proper Technique

The ability to pull your bodyweight up with grace and ease is a wonderful goal that showcases your strength and control over your body.


The Art of Strength

Factor these six different types of strength into your fitness strategy.


Seven Things to Know About the Mind-Body Connection

We’ve all been there—a million things going on: work deadlines, family responsibilities, chores to do at home, social engagements to attend, and you want, no, need to make time for your workouts.


Desire 2.0: Fall Back in Love with Your Workouts

Steps you can take to fall in love with exercise again.


Tabata Kickstart

Tabata workouts not only incinerate fat but also build endurance and even agility.


Body Gone bbarreless

This barre fusion workout sculpts, shapes and lifts both body and spirit.


Get Back Into Your Body

Three self-care moves help anchor your ambitions to your body.


Find Your Fitness Partner

The payoffs go way beyond the scale.


Build a Better Workout

These essential workout elements can change your body.


Are You Fit for Office? Master These Seven Moves

Regardless of how you feel about the inauguration ceremonies, there is something to be said about making the next 100 days...


How to Get Your First Handstand

Handstands and other hand balancing exercises are impressive skills that demonstrate a high level of strength and control. Training for a...


Energy Returns

Adidas – Pure Boost X Adidas has taken its ultra-successful Pure Boost running shoe and created a version for women, the Pure...


Hack your Cardio

ARRIVE WITH A PLAN Set a target time and goal for each workout before you get started. During your workouts, stick...


Got Your Back

For many of us, fall means back to the grind – and too often, this means a decrease in our activity...