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This Dentist Creates Healthy Smiles In Zumba Class, Too

Jamila (Amie) Mangondato’s typical Zumba class size was 72 prior to COVID-19 social distancing requirements, and she was the first group...


This Psychiatrist and GX Coach Says Participation Is Key to Vitality

For Julie (Jules) Pittman, participation is a cornerstone of vitality. The board-certified psychiatrist has a private practice specializing in addiction recovery,...


GX24 Instructor Roget Soukou Sees Who You’ll Become

Roget Soukou played soccer and ran around like all the other kids, and he dreamed of becoming an engineer. He never...

studio-cycling-playlist Movement

Your Studio Cycling Playlist

This studio cycling playlist curated by instructor Derek Beres will help you keep your feet spinning and your legs climbing.


Motion Creates Emotion—and That, This Instructor Says, Is Worth It

What would Sarah Alexander whisper in everyone’s ear if she could? The GX24 instructor, lifelong athlete and dancer says it’s five...


Graphic Designer By Day, This GX24 Instructor Says Power Jumping With You Is Worth It

We asked Alberts how he stays motivated to teach HIIT training twice a week, how he fits teaching in with his career, and other burning questions.


This GX24 Instructor Says There’s Always a Do-Over—and It’s Worth It

Christina Hartranft knows how it feels to face a rack of free weights or the GX studio door and wonder if...