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Can meditation really slow aging?

It’s seven in the morning on the beach in Santa Monica, California. The low sun glints off the waves and the...

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Why You Need to Make Time for Self Care

While the term “self care” may lead some to roll their eyes, it’s one of the most important habits we can...

Game Changers

Get to Know Wellness Expert Nikki Sharp

The wellness expert on the snacks she always has on hand, her favorite (and least favorite) workout move and what she’s...


Conscious Movement With Jill Miller

Jill Miller celebrates a body that moves well for life.


Seven-Day Meditation

Use this ritual to let go of 2017.


Q&A With Danielle LaPorte

The author of “White Hot Truth” shares her current passion. Danielle LaPorte isn’t shy about calling out the distractions and even...


Marijuana in Your Medicine Cabinet?

New hemp supplements tout health benefits without the high.

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New Year, New You: Beauty Resolutions

Do your hair and skin a favor by making these beauty New Year’s resolutions you’ll actually want to keep. ’Tis the...


Enjoy Your Food for Better Health

Good nutrition is easier — and more pleasurable — than you might think.


Focus on the Flex with Alex Carneiro

Alex Carneiro’s got a straight-up workout for your chest, arms and back.


Better Sleep, By Design

Top-rated podcaster and author Shawn Stevenson shares his inspiring journey to a healthy life – through sleep.


Traveling Transformation

Between those fruity cocktails by the pool and sampling the best ice cream in town, it’s easy to let healthy eating...

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Nine Things that Play into Being Healthy

A nutritionist tells 24Life why “Healthy” is more than just what you eat and drink.

Game Changers

24 new tips for a great year of you

1. Stand more Too much sitting is not a friend to your posture, health or fitness goals. Remind yourself to take...