In: Volume 6-Issue 2


Koya Webb: From Self-Care Will Come Answers—and Purpose

While recovering from her first injury, Koya Webb discovered yoga and quickly saw the mind/body benefits of moving meditation.


Lessons From the Woman Who Grows Lifestyle and Wellness Superstars

Sarah Hall, founder of the award-winning boutique PR firm Sarah Hall Productions, put the health and wellness category on the map.

somatotype Movement

What’s Your (Body) Type?

Body type is much more than outward appearance. Learn your somatotype to better understand your body and how to take care of yourself.


Afterglow Smoothie

Seize the afterglow of a tough workout (and boost recovery while you’re at it!) with this refreshing, vitamin-packed afterglow smoothie.


Maye Musk Is Unstoppable

%%primary_category%% %%sep%% Maye Musk shares her life lessons as a single, working mother and 71-year-old supermodel, and how social media turned up the heat on her career.

studio-cycling-playlist Movement

Your Studio Cycling Playlist

This studio cycling playlist curated by instructor Derek Beres will help you keep your feet spinning and your legs climbing.


Is Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) Keeping You From the Gym?

Those with the condition SAD often feel down and unmotivated, and they can experience shifts in sleep and appetite plus struggles with concentration.


Graphic Designer By Day, This GX24 Instructor Says Power Jumping With You Is Worth It

We asked Alberts how he stays motivated to teach HIIT training twice a week, how he fits teaching in with his career, and other burning questions.


Fix This Easy, Romantic Dinner For Two

Make your significant other fall deeper in love with you by preparing an incredibly romantic dinner of keto-lobster and chocolate-avocado mousse.

total-body-workout Movement

Workout: Total-Body Dumbbell Circuit

Follow these total-body compound moves with dumbbells and give special attention to your biggest stabilizer muscles.

kelly-leveque Nourishment

Nutritionist Kelly LeVeque’s Fab Four to Get in Shape

Celebrity nutritionist Kelly LeVeque says making healthy food swaps and keeping the right attitude is showing your body the love it deserves.

metabolic-conditioning-lateral-workout Movement

Move Aside (to Side): Metabolic Conditioning Workout

Take your workout in a different direction with this lateral metabolic conditioning sequence to strengthen your outer- and inner-thigh muscles.