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Doc Jen’s Nine Essential Moves to Increase Mobility

For many of us, whether we realize it or not, mobility is a major issue. We sit at our desks for eight (or more) hours a day, hunched over a screen, stressed out and exhausted.


Better Body Now

Getting the body you want requires focus and the willingness to push yourself in new ways.

Katrina and Karena stand with backs against one another with a desert mountain in the background Movement

Tone It Up Stronger, Together

Sculpt and strengthen in time for summer with Tone It Up founders Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott.


Workout: Under Your Own Steam

24Life asked Fabian Griffith to design a workout for spring, and his 30-minute routine incorporating the TRX Suspension Trainer, body weight and weighted movements will get you going toward your goals under your own steam.


Workout: Get a Move on Your Spring Training

Now is a great time to use body-weight movement to prepare for better mobility and movement ability, no matter what your preferred activity is or will be later in the season.


Limber Up for Spring

Get ready for more active days by loosening up those stiff or tight joints with this total-body mobility set.


Seven Workouts for Seven Moods

Whether you’re angry, nervous or riddled with excitement, there’s no mood a great sweat session can’t help shake or soothe.


Core Moves You’ll Love to Hate

Everyone loves the way strong abs look and the way a strong core feels (especially when they’re lifting a heavy suitcase or kid), but core workouts are possibly everyone’s favorite workout to hate.


Mini Trifles for Two

Though decadent, these mini trifles are perfectly portioned for two, but they are also plenty big enough to share if you have one or two hopefuls hovering around with spoons in hand.


7 Workouts to Match Your Fitness Goal

Even if you don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions, you probably secretly wish that 2019 is the year you finally lose weight, build muscle or put an end to those midnight ice cream binge sessions.


The Universal Warm-Up and Cool-Down

No matter what you’ve resolved to do, you’ll get more from your movement—and minimize chances of injury—if you get your body ready to go with a dynamic warm-up.


Workout – Weight Loss

While feeling good in your body is clearly now a priority for many, weight loss remains a top New Year’s resolution in the U.S., and possibly the most frequently broken commitment.


Workout – Tone and Shape

A trim, shapely physique is the one goal that simply holds universal appeal.


Workout – Build Muscle

Technically speaking, acquiring muscle mass requires stressing your body to the point of triggering an acute inflammatory response that generates protein synthesis.


Workout – Perform Well and Even Beat That PR

This workout incorporates resistance and body-weight movements that help your body learn to operate efficiently—so that your muscles, tendons and ligaments function together to an advantage.


Workout – Achieve Movement Mastery

This workout is designed to engage not only your muscles but also your brain.


Workout – Boost Mobility and Flexibility

While it’s impressive to see seasoned yogis contorting their bodies with ease, mobility is something that more people realize is essential to moving through each day comfortably.


Anywhere, Anytime Yoga Flow

Yoga moves that you can do anytime, anywhere will help increase your flexibility, improve your core strength and unleash energy for your body and your mind.


Take a Couple of Minutes to Challenge Your Body and Fuel Your Fitness

If you want to send your heart rate sky-high, test your fitness and get hooked on the magic of high-intensity interval training, now’s your chance. Less than five minutes is all it takes.


Fit Body Express Workout

No time? We understand and that’s why we designed this fast workout to burn fat and build strength—without skimping on mobility, stability or power—in 24 minutes or less!


Feed Your Joints Workout

Care and “feeding” of your joints and connective tissues doesn’t have to take a lot of time, and it pays off in your ability to handle the unexpected in everyday life.


Pancetta-Sage Pumpkin Carbonara

If you’re ready to move on from the pumpkin spice latte but not entirely ready to abandon fall’s favorite squash just yet, this pumpkin carbonara is a must-try.


Clear to the Core

The clearer and more aware you are about yourself and your goals, the stronger you are. And the stronger your core, the more freedom you have to move forward.


Express Power

Power comes in all forms—and it can come quickly, if you know the steps to activate the right energy and clear away any obstructions that hold you back.


Strong Through the Ages

Age does not have to be an excuse for slowing or putting a stop to your athletic goals or your favorite fitness activity.


Breath Challenge: Why Your Breath Needs Training

Your breath gives you a view into your biological operating system. It’s the moment-by-moment snapshot of how your body is responding to your metabolic needs.


A Natural Approach to Healing With Dr. Josh Axe

If the only time you pay attention to your health is when you get that once-a-year bloodwork done at your physician’s office, it’s time to reconsider your lifestyle, Dr. Josh Axe says.


Yoga Soul-stice

Across the world, the solstice holds a special place of celebration. People from every culture and discipline celebrate the day with feasts, picnics, dance and music. And so should you.


Cardio Makeover

Love or hate cardio, you’ll feel your heart pumping when you swap your usual treadmill run for this bodyweight workout.