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hero-Hannah-Bronfman Mindset

Hannah Bronfman Does the Work and It Feels Good

DJ Hannah Bronfman inspires women to go deeper, listen to their body and mind, and maintain an active lifestyle through her online #HBFIT community and new book, "Do What Feels Good."


Pep Talk with Diana Nyad: Give Yourself a Break

Diana Nyad, world-renowned endurance athlete and co-founder of EverWalk, tells 24Life how not to quit - by giving yourself a break.


Tabata Kickstart

Tabata workouts not only incinerate fat but also build endurance and even agility.


Body Gone bbarreless

This barre fusion workout sculpts, shapes and lifts both body and spirit.


Get Back Into Your Body

Three self-care moves help anchor your ambitions to your body.


The Modern House Call

Video-conference and apps bring fast diagnoses.


Hit-the-ground runner’s workout

Be a better runner with this strength endurance routine.