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Secrets to Healthy Living and Slower Aging from NASA Research

The truth is, this problem is not about sitting or standing—it’s about not moving.


Six Commencement Speeches for Motivation and Inspiration

Motivate your next workout—or day—with a little help from some inspirational speeches. For the last few weeks, graduates have been tossing...


Shake Up to Shape Up

Goal Setting for Spring Success.


Goals on the Run

Find victory in defeat.


One Word Is the Key to Your Strategy

The word “strategy” comes from the Greek strategos, which combines stratos (“army”) and agein (“to lead”).


Honor Failure

Avoiding failure could put off your success.


Sculpting a Strong, Successful and Sensational Year!

You can do it – one thought at a time.


Feed Your Soul

Focus on becoming more of you, instead of less, and break the cycle of dieting that has nothing to do with food.


Good Behavior

To break through, make a break for a different kind of goal.


On Potential: Own Your Reputation

You are in charge of creating your best self. Human potential expert Beth Taska explains … We are judged by many...


7 Tips To Get Excited About The Gym

Officially signed up for your gym membership? Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step toward a (hopefully long-term) relationship with exercise. Don’t...