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Training Your Physical Muscles Helps Train Your Leadership Muscles

Fact: Adhering to a consistent workout program will drastically improve your job performance—regardless of what you do for a living. It...

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Robert Hamilton Owens Is the Fittest 66-Year-Old You’ll Probably Ever Meet

Southern California native Robert Hamilton Owens has always been active: He was a lifeguard, played water polo, rowed crew and was...

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Meet Sassy Gregson-Williams, a 20-Year-Old Changing the Digital Fitness Game

After 13 years of ballet, terrible eating habits, body image issues and a debilitating ankle injury, Sassy Gregson-Williams decided to start...

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How Rock-Band Lead Singer Margarita Monet Stays Fit on the Road

When Margarita Monet was 11, her family moved from Moscow to Houston. Monet, who started music school, ballet and theater when...

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Patrick Flanagan Reflects on His Third Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon

A mile and half swim through choppy, 55-degree water and tidal currents at 7:30 a.m. A half-mile warm-up run to the...

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Flow Genome Project’s Jamie Wheal Rethinks Human Potential and the Power of Presence

24Life Editor-in-Chief Lashaun Dale recently spoke with Wheal to find out how the Flow Genome Project considers the topic of human potential, the future of the body and our ongoing evolution.


Can Technology Actually Help Us Get Healthy? Three Scientists Weigh In

According to a recent study, adults living in the United States check their phones 80 times a day. (That’s up from...


Patricia Moreno Awakens the Brain-Body Connection to Transform You

As she rose up the ranks to star status in the fitness industry, Patricia Moreno found herself trapped in a vicious cycle of body consciousness...


“My Health Is My Job” and Now Paul Reed’s Focus Is Inspiring Others

The tragic loss of two brothers is a lot to swallow—and Paul Reed was also taking care of a wheelchair-bound friend...


Self-Love Changed My Relationship With Fitness and Food

For a good portion of my late teens and very early 20s, I was an experimental dieter and a binge eater....


Scientists Reveal Three Characteristics of Those Who Succeed at Behavior Change

Changing our behavior for the better can be challenging. Many of us struggle to stick with the goals and resolutions we...


Josh Williamson Will Find the Next Olympic Hopeful in You

Williamson was a high-school football and college lacrosse player (and bobsled fan), but he never assumed his passion for athletics and his work ethic would lead to a competitive career.


Nancy Levin Talks the Dollars and Sense of Self-Worth

24Life recently spoke with Levin about her own experience moving from financial devastation to financial ease.


Cruise Control: America’s Top Celebrity Trainer Keeps It Simple for Success

Read on to find out how Cruise manages, and pick up some tips from a day in his life.

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John Olson Is Conquering Mountains and Spreading Epilepsy Awareness

If you work out at 24 Hour Fitness Highlands Ranch Sport in Littleton, Colorado, chances are you’ve been greeted by John...

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Phillip Mills Shares How He Keeps Fitness Interesting After 50 Years in the Industry

Phillip Mills is a father, grandfather, environmental champion, fitness innovator and CEO of a global fitness brand, Les Mills. In April,...


U-Jam Fitness Instructor Offers Five Tips for Dance Newbies

Southern California dance instructor Jerod Williams doesn’t have a background in dance. “To be honest with you, I’ve only been dancing...

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How I Did It: Kevin Dunn’s Transformation Story

My name is Kevin Dunn and first and foremost I am a father—I have four kids. Right away, I say all...


Create a Community You Love

In a time when women were truly coming into their own, Mills took advantage of the new opportunities afforded her and went to medical school. “I remember the day that I decided that I personally had the power to create my life as much as I could...'


Busting Through Barriers With Spartan Adaptive Athlete Misty Diaz

The word “can’t” isn’t in Misty Diaz’s vocabulary. This 4-foot-4-inch adaptive athlete with myelomeningocele, the most serious form of spina bifida, has crushed the world’s most extreme physical challenges, from scaling a ski jump mountain in 30 minutes to completing a trifecta of Spartan obstacle courses in two days—all on hot-pink crutches.


Spartan Up!

Adventure races and epic physical challenges demand that we give all that we have physically, mentally and emotionally. Spartan Race participants come in many shapes and sizes, but they all are passionate about fitness, relish teamwork and embrace challenges.


How Danetha Doe Launched Her Money Management Career—With a Mimosa

Danetha Doe knew she wanted to be an entrepreneur when she was 8 years old. But she couldn't have imagined her path to success.


Lewis Howes Unmasks Masculinity

It’s hard to believe that there’s more to Lewis Howes, renowned for his top 100 podcast “The School of Greatness.”


Getting Fit at 40

If you’re afraid that 40 is too late to ramp up your fitness routine, experts agree that is definitely not the case.


Adrienne Bankert Is in Love With Love

A conversation with 24Life.


Cleo Wade Makes Love From Words

24Life interview with Cleo Wade.


How to Reclaim Radiance, With Latham Thomas

With the birth of her son (now 14), Latham Thomas conceived Mama Glow, the wildly popular blog and services that “hold women’s hands” and educate, inform, inspire and advocate for them as they enter motherhood.

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A Day in the Life of a U.S. Olympian

We asked three U.S. Olympic and Paralympic athletes what a typical 24-hour day in their life looks like.


The Surprising Truth About These U.S. Olympic Athletes

They’re motivated—but not by what you’d expect.


My Moon Shot, With Josh Williamson

Josh Williamson made the team—here’s how he sets a goal.