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Game Changers

How Meghan Litchfield Is Working Toward a Sizeless World With RedThread

Growing up, Meghan Litchfield’s mother would take Meghan to the fabric store to pick out patterns. “She would make these beautiful...

Game Changers

Joe Rosa Celebrates His 103rd Birthday at the Gym, and Looks Forward to 2019

On December 7, the 77th anniversary of Pearl Harbor, 24 Hour Fitness member Joe Rosa celebrated his 103rd birthday—at the gym....


Shawn Stevenson Says This Is the Competitive Advantage We Need

The real secret to Stevenson’s success might not be his drive, his business acumen or any other of his many talents. It’s generosity.

Game Changers

Health Coach and Chef Mia Russo Stern Is on a Mission to Make Healthy Sell

A little more than five years ago, New York health coach and natural food chef Mia Russo Stern was on vacation...

Game Changers

Congratulations to the USA Bobsled Athletes Discovered at 24 Hour Fitness

We love Cinderella stories, and this year, USA Bobsled has two! On October 26, USA Bobsled & Skeleton announced its 2018-19...

Game Changers

Meet Daniel Katz, the 21-Year-Old Shaking Up the World of Protein Bars

Daniel “D” Katz started his first business—“an eBay/Craigslist electronic business”—when he was 12 years old. And that wasn’t the only business...

Game Changers

How Glenn Anaiscourt Went From Lawyer to Personal Trainer, and His In-Flight Workout

Glenn Anaiscourt has truly done it all—from business school to serving with the Peace Corps in Central Africa to law school,...


Candice Kumai Cooks Nourishment of a Different Kind

The concept of kintsugi now infuses Candice Kumai's work, as well as her idea of physical health and psychological well-being.


Mindful Medicine: Transforming War Wounds Into Well-Being

In the aftermath of the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln called on the nation to “care for him who shall have borne...


Get Ready for Joe Wicks to Get the Next Generation in Shape

Joe Wicks, @thebodycoach, is proof that great abs are made both in the kitchen and the gym.


Diet Secrets From a Social Media Superstar

When he set out to lose weight several years ago, Kevin Curry had no idea that his personal endeavor would inspire a large-scale fitness and nutrition movement.


A Psychotherapist Talks About Her New Book and Overcoming Emotional Overeating

The holiday season has officially arrived. For many of us, that means family gatherings, parties with friends and co-workers, out-of-town travels—a...

Game Changers

Leukemia Survivor and Spartan Racer Denver Martin Shares His Fitness Journey

Denver Martin was diagnosed with leukemia at age 2. At a time when many kids were running around on their newly...

Game Changers

How Mr. Olympia Contender Dani Younan is Chasing That Top Spot

Since childhood, Iraq native Dani Younan has dreamed of pursing his passion in competitive bodybuilding. After fleeing to Jordan and immigrating...

Game Changers

Fitness Influencer and Entrepreneur Christopher Matthews Wants You to Just Get Started

Fitness was always part of Christopher Matthews’ life. As an active child of active parents, he was exposed to soccer, track...

Game Changers

Robyn Youkilis Shares Her Personal Truths Around Health and Wellness

A day in Robyn Youkilis’ life begins with her daughter, and that’s where the predictability ends. “I have a child who...


The Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Denver Broncos Shares His Tips for Everyday Athletes

Autumn brings with it a number of seasonal markers: the changing color of the leaves, a chill in the air, the...


What Breast Cancer Survivor Lilyin Yang Does Daily to Stay Healthy

Lilyin Heesuk Yang is many things: wife, mother, daughter, certified nutritionist, Master Trainer at 24 Hour Fitness Fullerton and breast cancer survivor.


Try This: Zumba Class

What has surprised me the most about stepping in to lead this game-changing company is how much the “softer” side of fitness impacts lasting results.


Nikki Sharp Shares Her Thoughts on Social Authenticity and Finding Happiness

Social media allows us to connect with friends, follow people who inspire us and share things we love with others. On...


The Next Olympic Hopefuls Won’t Let You Give Up

Office manager. Flight attendant. Veterinary technician. Amateur boxer. Personal trainer. High-school student. The next generation of Olympic athletes is not who you think it is.


A Hemp Expert Answers Burning Questions About CBD

CBD industry trailblazers, the Stanley Brothers made their mark with “Charlotte’s Web” hemp, named for young Charlotte Figi whose remarkable story was first featured by CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta and garnered global media attention.


Training Your Physical Muscles Helps Train Your Leadership Muscles

Fact: Adhering to a consistent workout program will drastically improve your job performance—regardless of what you do for a living. It...

Game Changers

Robert Hamilton Owens Is the Fittest 66-Year-Old You’ll Probably Ever Meet

Southern California native Robert Hamilton Owens has always been active: He was a lifeguard, played water polo, rowed crew and was...

Game Changers

Meet Sassy Gregson-Williams, a 20-Year-Old Changing the Digital Fitness Game

After 13 years of ballet, terrible eating habits, body image issues and a debilitating ankle injury, Sassy Gregson-Williams decided to start...

Game Changers

How Rock-Band Lead Singer Margarita Monet Stays Fit on the Road

When Margarita Monet was 11, her family moved from Moscow to Houston. Monet, who started music school, ballet and theater when...

Game Changers

Patrick Flanagan Reflects on His Third Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon

A mile and half swim through choppy, 55-degree water and tidal currents at 7:30 a.m. A half-mile warm-up run to the...

Future Forward

Flow Genome Project’s Jamie Wheal Rethinks Human Potential and the Power of Presence

24Life Editor-in-Chief Lashaun Dale recently spoke with Wheal to find out how the Flow Genome Project considers the topic of human potential, the future of the body and our ongoing evolution.


Can Technology Actually Help Us Get Healthy? Three Scientists Weigh In

According to a recent study, adults living in the United States check their phones 80 times a day. (That’s up from...