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Start the Positive Ripple Effect

Physically active parents have more active children.


Six Ways to Banish Muscle Cramps

Treat your muscles well for a pain-free workout.


Placebos Treat Back Pain

Many of us have heard of the “placebo effect,” in which someone who thinks he or she is getting medication is...


24 Ways to Learn More – and Faster – For Real

Move beyond all-nighters, flashcards and brute memorization to tap your full brain capacity.


Warm-up: Long-Term Brain Training Could Induce Partial Recovery in Paraplegic Patients

The Neurorehabilitation Laboratory in Brazil recently published a report on an unexpected discovery it made in attempting to improve paraplegic patients’...


Warm-up: Give Yourself a Pep Talk — and Gain an Advantage

According to a small study published in the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, psychologists Daniel Swinglet and Gary Lupyan discovered that...

Game Changers

Meditation and Running to the Rescue

Findings from a small Rutgers University study suggest that the combination of mindfulness meditation and running may have an even more powerful...

Game Changers


Dark chocolate may be as beneficial for your training as beetroot juice.