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News Flash: Speedy Weight Training, Probiotics Not Effective, Global Stress Peaks

Every week, we’re bringing you a roundup of the latest health and wellness news to hit the wire. This week, we...


Balance Your Intense Training with this Stress-Reduction Routine

Balance your high-intensity training with this recovery routine. Change through exercise requires effort and positive stresses—it’s how your body builds up...


What to Eat When You’re Stressed, Tired or Hangry

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Feeling Anxious? Try a Weighted Blanket

If you struggle with anxiety, you may want to invest in a weighted blanket. If you struggle with anxiety, you are...


Stressed? Work Out with a Group, Not Alone

Boost your mood more, with a group fitness class. Headed to the gym after a long stressful day at work? Instead...


Why I Opted for a Small, Intimate Wedding

How I stopped chasing the “perfect wedding” and saved myself from a year of anxiety (and spending a whole lot of...


10 Proven Ways to Lower Your Stress and Anxiety Now

Feeling anxious? Break a sweat—and nine other ways to keep calm. Just 35 years ago, anxiety did not exist as a...


The Goldilocks Zone

From risk to reward—how much exercise is just right?


Use the Stress Response to Go Farther

The “flight” response can power your resilience—and your run.


Save Your Strands

For those suffering from thinning hair, it might seem like thick locks are in the past, but several solutions can help.


Seven Ways Fitness Can Help You Beat the Winter Blues

Here’s how staying active fights the winter slump.


Marijuana in Your Medicine Cabinet?

New hemp supplements tout health benefits without the high.

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Going Out of Busyness

Why we can’t seem to take the time to make the time for change.


Seven Feel-Good Moves to Reduce Stress

We know that using foam rollers and massage tools for self-myofascial release before and after a workout is key to improving...


24 Easy Investments in Better Health

What’s health got to do with retirement investments? Well, it turns out, a lot.


Enjoy Your Food for Better Health

Good nutrition is easier — and more pleasurable — than you might think.


A Cuddle a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Pets are good for our health, and our doctors’. Here’s why.


How to Deal with Digestive Distress

A change in routine can temporarily wreak digestive havoc. Here’s how to get things moving.


Three Things to Do to Stress Less

From meditation, to scanning your body, to deep breathing, learn how to relax throughout your day.

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Energy Management: Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Flow states require energy.

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Take a Load Off to Take More On

Here’s why the same workout is much harder – though you haven’t changed a thing.


The Positive Power of Stress

We’ve all heard that movement helps relieve stress, and can produce feel-good endorphins. But how do we put this into practice?...