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Sam Parham: The Joy of Finding Your Own Path With Parkour

Sam Parham, an award-winning stuntman and parkour pioneer, explains how the emerging sport has helped him and many others learn how to overcome life's obstacles.

Game Changers

Helping Female Athletes Take Flight

Oiselle supports women in sports, and not just with apparel.


Playing for Keeps

Try these four health-boosting ways to play.


Setback is the Platform for a Comeback

Love football or hate it, there is great inspiration in the power of a comeback. Regardless of which color jersey you...


Four Movements to Get Obstacle Race Ready

Mud run or army crawl, here are moves to train your way to your next obstacle race. With obstacle races more...


Sports-Specific Training: Skiing

Get ready to shred the slopes with these skiing-focused exercises. Skiing is a physically intensive, full-body sport, which engages your quadriceps,...


Sports-Specific Training: Golf

Improve your game on the green with these 14 exercises. Fall is here, bringing with it all of the outdoor sports...


Sports-Specific Training: Kayaking

Hone your paddling muscles with these 11 exercises. It takes more than strong arms to navigate through rapid waters: kayaking is...

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Living Your Dream with Bo Eason

Bo Eason has realized “impossible” dreams more than once, and he’s got the formula for all of us to do so, too.

tennis-sports-training Movement

Sports-Specific Training: Tennis

Prepare to dominate on the court with these 11 exercises. Break out your racket and sneakers and get ready to spend...

Surfing Movement

Sports-Specific Training: Surfing

Surfing is physically demanding and comes with a learning curve, but once you pick it up, it’s one of the best...


Sports-Specific Training: Volleyball

Spike your way to success with these 11 exercises. You need to jump high and dive hard if you want to...


The Art of Focus

There’s a smarter way to manage your attention, for better results.

Game Changers

Become an Atlas Warrior

Obstacle course racing is America’s fastest growing sport and it’s not hard to see why: the hill running, walls, slippery slopes,...