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Are Your Workouts Sabotaging Your Sleep?

You may think that exhausting your body with plenty of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) will help you sleep like a baby....


Why Are We Throwing Away So Much Food?

Food wastage is a global problem of epic proportions—but there are things we can do collectively, and as individuals, to reverse...


Research Roundup: New Findings From The Forefront Of Health Science

Discover if the time you exercise affects weight loss, what you can do to offset dementia risk, and how CO2 might...


Can You Really Sleep Your Way To Improved Athleticism?

Dr. Meeta Singh is a sleep guru who coaches pro athletes to sleep their way to superior performance—most recently playing a...


20 Body and Brain Upgrades From Ben Greenfield To Start Today

We have an enduring and complete lack of realization of our full human potential, but what if this didn’t have to...


Could A Social Media Holiday Be The Break You Really Need?

\While most of us have enthusiastically embraced social media, there is mounting evidence that you can have too much of a...


Saving Grace—3 Winter Solstice Rituals To Restore Sanity In A Busy Schedule

The last thing you need right now in the middle of a busy and expedited holiday season is yet another thing...


The Misconceptions Around Massage

Ever been told a massage will help after a particularly brutal workout? Or maybe you’ve heard that massage increases your joint...

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Why You Need to Make Time for Self Care

While the term “self care” may lead some to roll their eyes, it’s one of the most important habits we can...

Game Changers

ICYMI: Fit on Earth: 24 Activists (Including Greta) fighting for a healthy planet, today.

In case you missed it. Today, over 4 million on #ClimateStrike today. In 163 countries. And counting… If you were not...


Jeff Rose Makes Self-Worth Bloom

Adaptive surfer, skier and public speaker Jack Rose works to help people with disabilities redefine success.

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Spring-Clean Your Weeknight Pasta Recipe

This creamy veggie pasta, featuring fresh snap peas and asparagus, is all you'll want to eat this spring.

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Terri Cole: Making Love Work

Romcom culture makes happily ever after look effortless, but is love really that simple? Psychotherapist and relationship expert Terri Cole shows us how to invest our time and attention to develop deep and sustaining relationships - starting with ourselves.


Balance Your Intense Training with this Stress-Reduction Routine

Balance your high-intensity training with this recovery routine. Change through exercise requires effort and positive stresses—it’s how your body builds up...


How to Keep Your Mind, Body and Spirit Healthy

Nurture and care for your mind, body and spirit for ultimate happiness and to live your best life. As I write...


10 Proven Ways to Lower Your Stress and Anxiety Now

Feeling anxious? Break a sweat—and nine other ways to keep calm. Just 35 years ago, anxiety did not exist as a...


Five Ways to Train Smarter

As learned at the world’s premier fitness conference, 2017 IDEA World Fitness Convention. This weekend, thousands of the world’s fittest, smartest,...


Five Ways Laughter is the Best Medicine

Look up some cat videos on YouTube, and start laughing your way to a healthier you. I don’t know about you,...


Three Ways to Tap Your Inner Joy

Ditch the seriousness, and practice joy with a little help from yoga. Sometimes I feel like a stand-up comedian. Not that...


Three Breath Techniques to Inspire a Great Workout—or Day

Use breath to restore energy and boost your mood.  You may have noticed that breath training (along with regeneration techniques such...


Put Your Best Foot Forward

Follow these 8 tips to help you begin a walking club.


Movement Expert Jill Miller Talks Mindset and Life

As the creator of the incredibly popular Yoga Tune Up® program and self-massage tools, Jill Miller is an expert in the movement of the human body. 24Life recently talked to Miller about her mindset routine, favorite exercises and life.


Yogi Lauren Walker talks to 24Life

The author and yogi talks releasing toxins, diet, her passion and more.


The Essential Six

For more than 25 years, Baron Baptiste, creator of the Baptiste Methodology, has devoted his life to creating and sharing transformational...

Game Changers

10 Tricks to Get Great Sleep

Even if you can’t always get 40 winks, these tips will help you get quality shut-eye. You’ll find some time-tested tactics that...


Fascia and the Shape of Things to Come

Biotensegrity is the balance of compression forces (from bones) and tension forces (from fascia) within our bodies that make us greater...


Breathe Smart Now, Feel Great Later

Heart rate may be a familiar way to measure your exertion, but what happens between the beats is just as or...


What Kind of Workout Do You Really Need Today?

Did you know that the time between each of our heartbeats is a little different with every beat? Whether our heart...