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Healthier Alternatives to
Traditional Fourth of July Fare

Ditch the hot dogs, potato salad and apple pie for some much-better-for-you alternatives. In the U.S., Fourth of July means fireworks,...

Plant-based protein Nourishment

Packing on Lean Muscle with
Plant-Based Nutrition

Efficient muscles and visually impressive muscles can both benefit from a similar plant-based diet.


Cooking Up Satisfaction

Try these tastes from Cynthia Pasquella


Behind the label: Protein Bars

The nutrition of protein and the flavor and texture of a candy bar — what more (or less) could you ask for? Nutritionist Kathleen Alleaume takes a closer look.


Healthier Cinco de Mayo Recipes

Enjoy the fiesta with these better-for-you dishes and tips.


The Top 8 Foods to Boost Your Energy

Author and former professional Ironman Brendan Brazier shares his favorite healthy foods.


Cook Up Some Energy with Brendan Brazier

Recipes for energy all day long.

Game Changers

Eat Your Carbs Last

The order in which you eat your food may affect your post-meal blood sugar and insulin levels.

Game Changers


Dark chocolate may be as beneficial for your training as beetroot juice.


Dynamic Dinners

Now trending: Meal-kit delivery services that save you time and energy.


Healthy Easter Recipes

Host an allergy-friendly, picky-eater-approved healthy gathering everyone in the family can enjoy.


Avoiding Hitting a Wall this Race Season

Brendan Brazier explains why mid-workout fueling is essential.


Enhanced Waters – What’s Really Behind the Label?

When it comes to water there’s a plethora of options beyond the ordinary tap.


Why You Should Eat Your Sprouts

These little bundles carry a huge health punch; here’s how to get the most from them safely.


Kid-friendly Easter Breakfasts

From sunny-side up to Easter eggs, enjoy these four takes on a healthier Sunday breakfast for the little ones.

St. Patrick's Day drinks Lifestyle

Healthier Drinks for St. Patrick’s Day

Check out these Shamrock-inspired beverage recipes, perfect for the upcoming holiday.


Food as Medicine: How to THRIVE

Brendan Brazier, former pro Ironman triathlete and creator of Vega plant-based nutrition tells 24Life about his "Thrive Fitness" program.

smoothies Nourishment

Simple smoothie recipes

Post workout Sip away soreness with this delicious blend of antioxidant-rich berries and ginger to help reduce the swelling and inflammation...


Fast food

Spring's the time to start shedding some of the winter pounds. With the intermittent diet A flexible and proven way to lose weight, AUTHORS OF 5:2 Lifestyle, Delphine de Montalier and Charlotte Debeugny create a delicious selection of recipes for your fasting days. 


Guide To Meal Prep

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” This is particularly the case with food. If you’re trying to achieve...


An Alternate Bulletproof Coffee

An alternative to the standard bulletproof coffee recipe is a smoothie without the butter, using only coconut oil and/or coconut cream,...


Golden Milk

The golden spice turmeric has been utilized as a fragrant ingredient in cuisines and as a powerful medicine throughout Asia and...


Fall Soups

YELLOW SPLIT PEA SOUP WITH BEER AND BACON Canadians are fond of using yellow split peas in soups rather than the...


Energy Breakfasts

CHOC NUT POWER SMOOTHIE SERVES 1 No time? Blend a banana, nut butter and milk for a balanced breakfast in a...


Clean, Green and Delicious Food

Vegetables are our nutritional heroes: Delicious, high-fiber and packed with essential vitamins and minerals.


From Greens To Greatness

A step-by-step guide to building the perfect power salad.


Healthy Spanish tapas

Famed master Spanish chef Miguel Maestre shares some of his favorite recipes.