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Spring Into Your Power: Three Strategies for Supercharged Energy

It may only be the start of spring, but summer bodies are made now! It’s time to push our bodies and...


Lunch Is Served: Five Healthy and Homemade Power Salad Recipes

We all are familiar with the “witching hour”: That 2 to 5 p.m. window when your energy crashes. When you feel...


Cook to Feel Good With Abbie Cornish and Jacqueline King Schiller’s New Cookbook

Grab a cooking partner and get in the kitchen, suggest award-winning actress Abbie Cornish (“Three Billboards Outside Ebbing,” “Missouri,” Amazon’s “Jack...


Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien Gives Diet Anxiety a Rest

Lisa Lillien, creator of the Hungry Girl brand, insists it’s possible to have your cake and eat it too without feeling the slightest bit of guilt.


Fall in Love With the Keto Diet Plan and Reap the Results

It’s not abnormal to want to make healthy changes in your life in the early months of a new year. It’s...


Five Days of Quick and Healthy Recipes for Two

A fit couple’s blueprint for making weeknight meal time easy, healthy and romantic this Valentine’s month! At 37 and 47 years...


Mini Trifles for Two

Though decadent, these mini trifles are perfectly portioned for two, but they are also plenty big enough to share if you have one or two hopefuls hovering around with spoons in hand.


A 7-Day Mind and Body Detox

How do you feel about reaching your best body ever in 2019?


Lemon-Grass Coconut Quinoa Is a Refreshing Twist on Comfort Food

If you’re looking for a quick veggie-packed meal to balance all the extra indulgences and to-do’s these next few weeks, give this lemon-grass coconut quinoa a try.


Joy Bauer’s Genius Food Hacks for Muscle Aches and More

Experiencing muscle cramps or belly bloat? Who isn’t? Before you book a doctor’s appointment, consider starting in the kitchen.


Get Ready for Joe Wicks to Get the Next Generation in Shape

Joe Wicks, @thebodycoach, is proof that great abs are made both in the kitchen and the gym.


Pancetta-Sage Pumpkin Carbonara

If you’re ready to move on from the pumpkin spice latte but not entirely ready to abandon fall’s favorite squash just yet, this pumpkin carbonara is a must-try.


Diet Secrets From a Social Media Superstar

When he set out to lose weight several years ago, Kevin Curry had no idea that his personal endeavor would inspire a large-scale fitness and nutrition movement.


Bone Broth, Revisited 

If you’ve wandered down the soup aisle of a grocery store lately, chances are you’ve noticed chicken stock and beef bullion’s new cousin: bone broth.


Try This Simple Homemade Bone-Broth Recipe

The healing power of bone broth is unparalleled by any other food. Not only does bone broth provide the necessary micronutrients...


Feed Your Brain: Expert Tips for a Brain-Friendly Diet

This content is published under licence and in partnership with Radio New Zealand, one of the world’s foremost public broadcasters. To...


Orange Ginger Cayenne Kicker

Fresh OJ, a squeeze of lemon, freshly grated ginger, a dash of cayenne for a kick and a couple of drops of oil of oregano, this sweet but spicy elixir is the perfect, antioxidant-packed pick-me-up.


Make These Paleo Sweet Potato Waffles From Naturally Sassy’s Sassy Gregson-Williams

Hosting a brunch get-together and need a recipe your friends will be talking about for the next week? Make these sweet...


DIY Healthy Popsicles for a Refreshing Post-Workout Treat

If you’re feeling the summer heat and you’re looking for a healthy treat, look no further. We love ice cream, but...

Southwestern Salad Nourishment

You Can Take It With You – Southwestern Mason Jar Salad

If you struggle with the mess and time it takes to make salads like I do, Mason jar salads can certainly help you get in more leafy greens.

Detox Nourishment

The Good Detox (Hint: No Starvation Required)

Detox. The word conjures up water and juice fasts, with hyper-motivated adherents battling fatigue and starvation in an ultimate quest for purified bodies, glowing skin and weight loss.


Refresh and Restore With Agua Fresca

Not only is this agua fresca hydrating and low in sugar, but it’s also full of antioxidants like lycopene, vitamin C and vitamin A, all of which fight free radicals.


Hosting a Meal? Have Guests Pitch in with a Salad Bar

I love hosting potlucks and bringing people together around a dinner table. (Well, when I had the space in my old...


This Well-Spiced Stew Feeds a Crowd

This sweet potato chickpea stew is a quick, one-pot meal that is hearty enough to feed a group of hungry friends and family...


Candice Kumai on Her New Book “Kintsugi Wellness”

Wellness isn’t just about moving our bodies or eating healthy, it’s a mind, body and soul process—one that author and celebrity...


Recipe: Healthy, Kid-Friendly Energy Bars

The way we we’re taught to look at health is suited for a world that no longer exists. Disease and health...


This Is the Next Avocado Toast

Plan for the unexpected with sweet potato “toasts”—thin slices of sweet potato baked ahead and topped with tasty, nutritious options for a quick meal or snack.


A Smarter Breakfast by Design

Whenever I create a recipe, I solve a problem. Specifically, I aim to invent a dish that tastes delicious and—pun...