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Fit in the City: Orlando

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Eight Tips for Fitting in a Solid Week of Workouts

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Fit in the City: San Diego

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Speed vs. Resistance on the Indoor Bike

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Fit in the City: New York

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Sports-Specific Training: Skiing

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Fit in the City: Denver

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Sports-Specific Training: Kayaking

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Sports-Specific Training: Tennis

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Workout Challenges for the Whole Family

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Are Pre-Programmed Elliptical Workouts Right for You

Take the guesswork out of your gym session with preset programs. Elliptical workouts are easy to personalize: you can adjust the...


Training Tips from Precor’s
Erica Tillinghast

Exercise, recovery and nutrition insight from a fitness expert. 24Life talked to Erica Tillinghast, MS, NASM-certified personal trainer and Global Education...


Catching Up with Precor’s Rob Barker

No matter what your fitness regimen, chances are you’ve worked up a sweat on Precor cardio equipment and probably took the...