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The Key to U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Training Success Might Not Be What You Think

As the world’s elite athletes got ready to compete on the world stage at the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games 2018...


Food for Thought From a Team USA Dietitian

Food is more than fuel, for Team USA athletes. Surprised? Susie Parker Simmons recently told 24Life that athletes must consider nutrients...


The Revolution Will Now Be Televised: The Return of Women’s Boxing

The months after the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro were a low point for boxer Mikaela Mayer.

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Four Personal Trainers Look Back on the 129th Rose Parade

Four trainers on meeting a U.S. Paralympian, riding a float and cheering on Team USA at the Olympic Winter Games. Clockwise...


The Surprising Truth About These U.S. Olympic Athletes

They’re motivated—but not by what you’d expect.

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Meet The Next Olympic Hopeful, Amanda Alvarez

We asked the 24 Hour Fitness personal trainer and former collegiate athlete why she competed for a chance to compete on...


Inside the In-Club Tryouts for Scouting Camp: The Next Olympic Hopeful

That guy or girl on the treadmill next to you could be a contender. As we know them, Olympians are modern-day...


Tune into the Mindset of U.S. Olympic Hopefuls

Their backgrounds vary, but their minds meet in the same place. Whether you’re tackling a job interview or racing a 200-meter...


Are You the Next Olympic Hopeful?

24 Hour Fitness and the U.S. Olympic Committee are looking for athletes to represent Team USA. The Olympic Winter Games 2018...

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After the Medal: Mindset Lessons from U.S. Paralympic Athletes

See what silver medalists, Cortney Jordan and Lex Gillette, have been up to since returning from Rio. Although the limelight of...

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Triathletes: The Next Generation

Team 24 Hour Fitness and Olympic gold medalist Gwen Jorgensen supports the future of her sport. Gwen Jorgensen was a champion...


Warm-up: Handstands, Explained

All of us are capable of some degree of balance, but for most of us, the handstand remains an elusive feat...


Inspired by Gold: 9 Things We Learned From the Olympic Games

Be Willing To Dream Big It’s hard to compete to win big if you don’t get in the game in the...


Inside the Daily Routines of U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Athletes

In order to be world class, these five U.S. Olympic and Paralympic athletes have to put in some serious work —...


Mindset Tips from Team USA Contenders

They are decorated competitors on the world’s stage, so take it from these five Team USA contenders, because they clearly know...

Meet Team USA athletes Lifestyle

Meet these five inspiring athletes

24 Hour Fitness supports five Team USA athletes as they put their energy into the quest for gold.

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Alysia Montaño: Finding Her Stride

How U.S. Olympic runner and new mom Alysia Montaño continues to redefine success.


A track record with champions

Those dumbbells, balls, bands and benches at your local 24 Hour Fitness are just like the ones that Team USA uses....


Nothing Off-the-cuff

By any sports standards, Amy Acuff is already one of America’s greatest athletes. She’s been to five Olympic Games, and if...