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One Man’s Trek for Quiet

Gordon Hempton hits a fever pitch when he talks about recording quiet places. The acoustic ecologist likens his work to that...

Game Changers

ICYMI: Fit on Earth: 24 Activists (Including Greta) fighting for a healthy planet, today.

In case you missed it. Today, over 4 million on #ClimateStrike today. In 163 countries. And counting… If you were not...


Why We Need More Nature, and How to Make it Fun

Author and journalist Richard Louv grew up in Missouri and Kansas, and spent much of his childhood playing “in the woods...


Power in Numbers

Hippos can teach us about healthy living.


Growing Flowers in the Desert

A scientist’s dream blooms brightly.


Meditation Takes Manhattan

What happens when a massive group gets quiet in Central Park?


Why You Should Walk in the Woods

You may intuitively feel that going for a walk in nature is good for you, but research has now shown that...