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You Can Practically Taste This Month’s Food-Centric Playlist

The two quickest ways to learn about a culture are through its music and food. To many of us, food and...


September’s Playlist Can Help You Change Your Mind and Your Life

“If anything is sacred, the human body is sacred,” writes Walt Whitman in his epic 1855 poem “I Sing the Body...

Game Changers

How Rock-Band Lead Singer Margarita Monet Stays Fit on the Road

When Margarita Monet was 11, her family moved from Moscow to Houston. Monet, who started music school, ballet and theater when...


August’s Playlist Will Make You Sweat

Summer took a while to make itself known here in Los Angeles. Yet when summer finally hit in July, it did...


Relive Coachella’s Community Vibe with May’s Playlist that Goes Beyond Beyoncé

In his latest book “12 Rules for Life” (Random House Canada, 2018), Canadian psychologist and professor Jordan Peterson offers a frank...


A Playlist for Rest

It’s easy to take being born into a democracy for granted. We tend to forget our social responsibilities. The greatest example...


Muscle Up with March’s Playlist

We’re experiencing rising levels of dementia in an aging population. Along with that, the need for more health care and hospice...


A Soundtrack of Love

This playlist will take you through all the emotional stages of love. Little is known of Saint Valentine himself—“he” even might...


A Playlist to Feed Your Adrenaline and Fuel Your Workouts

This month, drive your New Year’s fitness goals with this high-energy playlist. Celebrating the New Year together offers us a collective...


How Music Can Help You Keep Your New Year’s Workout Resolutions

Here’s why music is a great tool to keep your workout resolutions. We’ve all experienced the effect that music has on...


Unlock Your Potential with Meditation Set to Music

Take your performance training to the next level with Lucid’s new meditation album. It’s no scientific secret that music has emotional,...


December Playlist: Celebrate and Reflect on 2017

This month’s playlist looks back on the year in celebration and deep reflection. This year I’ve created a monthly playlist reflective...


A Playlist Harnessing the Power of the Group

Use the power of the group and music to meet your goals. As much as exercise is individual, humans thrive in...


What Headphones Should You Wear While Exercising?

An expert from JVC weighs in on this workout accessory. Music for your workout can be like coffee in the morning—some...


Practice Makes … Better and Better

Your personal soundtrack comes from childhood—and it can keep you going.


Flip, Redefine and Pay Tribute to Move Forward

Take a lesson from musical artists on innovation.


Listen to This: A Playlist for Discovery

This summer, find new music, and lose yourself in it. For the middle of summer, I’ve created an upbeat and invigorating...


Make Your Space

You can use sound, among other things, to make a space that supports discovery.


Let the Music Play

Here’s why music and dance lift us up—individually and all together.


Meet Radio DJ Jay Rodriguez

Get to know the voices behind your favorite radio stations, including their favorite power foods and workouts. We listen to them...


Use the Stress Response to Go Farther

The “flight” response can power your resilience—and your run.


The Soundtrack of Strategy

The human brain is perpetually switching between two modes.


Your Brain, on Desire

We love the chase more than the object, and that’s good for us.


Make Space in Your Playlist

Space. Staring into the night sky has offered humans inspiration for eons. We employ the metaphor of space often, in our...


How to Take Fearless First Steps

An expert Zumba instructor answers your questions.


24 Ways to Learn More – and Faster – For Real

Move beyond all-nighters, flashcards and brute memorization to tap your full brain capacity.


Why Community Matters in Fitness

Grooving together takes on greater meaning when we look more closely at brain function.


From Party to Purpose

Now big festivals aren’t just countercultural. They’re all about the cause.

Future of music Discover

Tunes and Tech: The Future of How we Listen to Music

Discussing the intersection of technology and music with iHeartRadio Chief Product Officer Chris Williams. With more options than ever for listening...


The Magic Behind Great Music and Playlists

Insight into what’s trending on the music scene from iHeartRadio Chief Product Officer Chris Williams.  Music is everywhere in life, and...