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Five Lessons Édgar Ramírez Learned About Life While Filming “Hands of Stone” and a Giveaway

Find out how the actor turned into a boxer, and enter for your chance to win a “Hands of Stone” DVD...


What it’s like to be a Trainer to the Gods

Find out how actors in “Gods of Egypt” got in shape for their roles.


Fit for a God

It’s not every day that an up-and-coming actor portrays a mortal with godlike powers, but that’s exactly what Brenton Thwaites got...

Game Changers

A New Break For Dominic Purcell

Actor Dominic Purcell tells 24Life what normal is, even as his craft requires frequent transformation.

Game Changers


Early acclaim is building up the anticipation for “Southpaw,” opening July 24 and starring Jake Gyllenhaal as a world-champion boxer whose...