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Monica Berg Wants You to Take a Moment and Rethink Love

Editor’s Note: The topic of love has been the inspiration for some of the greatest works of literature, music, theatre, film,...


Could A Social Media Holiday Be The Break You Really Need?

\While most of us have enthusiastically embraced social media, there is mounting evidence that you can have too much of a...


Movement Helps People Come Together

Over the last five years, 24Life has conducted more than 2,500 interviews in the pursuit of our editorial mission—to help our...


Five Strategies For Keeping Up Your Fitness Resolutions

Struggling to stick to an exercise regime? Here’s the thing – it may not be all your fault. It’s an all...


The Surprising Fitness Benefits Of Meditating

No matter where you are in your fitness journey, one thing we can all agree on is that there is always...

Game Changers

ICYMI: Fit on Earth: 24 Activists (Including Greta) fighting for a healthy planet, today.

In case you missed it. Today, over 4 million on #ClimateStrike today. In 163 countries. And counting… If you were not...

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Monica Berg on Kabbalah, Embracing Change and Living Fearlessly

Kick fear to the curb, make lasting changes in your life and achieve your best self with Kabbalah-inspired tips from Monica Berg.

Chris-Hemsworth-Running-On-Beach Mindset

Chris Hemsworth: Redefining the Action Hero

To ensure that the 35-year-old actor can retain his action-star status for years to come, rest and recovery have become a bigger part of his lifestyle equation.

Diana-Mills-Dancing-with-Group Mindset

Diana Mills Moves to Balance

As a member of the “First Family of Fitness” and mother of three, Diana Mills shares her the secret to a leading a busy and fulfilling life.

Mother-walking-with-children Mindset

Dr. Sara Gottfried’s Tips for a Healthy Brain and Healthy Body

Hormones impact every aspect of health, from weight gain to mood to sleep and chronic disease. Best-selling author Dr. Sara Gottfried offers insight into how women can balance their hormones naturally to feel calm, energized and happier.

hero-Hannah-Bronfman Mindset

Hannah Bronfman Does the Work and It Feels Good

DJ Hannah Bronfman inspires women to go deeper, listen to their body and mind, and maintain an active lifestyle through her online #HBFIT community and new book, "Do What Feels Good."


Sam Parham: The Joy of Finding Your Own Path With Parkour

Sam Parham, an award-winning stuntman and parkour pioneer, explains how the emerging sport has helped him and many others learn how to overcome life's obstacles.


Busting Through Barriers With Spartan Adaptive Athlete Misty Diaz

The word “can’t” isn’t in Misty Diaz’s vocabulary. This 4-foot-4-inch adaptive athlete with myelomeningocele, the most serious form of spina bifida, has crushed the world’s most extreme physical challenges, from scaling a ski jump mountain in 30 minutes to completing a trifecta of Spartan obstacle courses in two days—all on hot-pink crutches.


How Zumba Boosts Your Creativity

How shaking it to the music can boost your creative output (rather than binge-watching Netflix). Zumba continues to be the workout...

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How to Climb a Mountain

Some days you’re pursuing the summit and others, you’re just persevering until you can fall into bed. Here’s how four people...


Your October Chakrastrology Update

This month, confront your limiting beliefs and speak your truth. What is Chakrastrology™? Editor’s Note: Chakrastrology is based on the principle...


Five Zumba Myths to Stop Believing

Unsure if Zumba is for you? Here are five things to stop believing, and five reasons to get out on the...


Top Five Life Skills to Teach Your Kids

Why modeling behaviors you want your kids to have one day matters. Your kids: They have school to teach them their...


13 Ways to Try Something for the First Time

Appreciate the small things by trying something you’ve never done before. When was the last time you did something for the...


Tune into the Mindset of U.S. Olympic Hopefuls

Their backgrounds vary, but their minds meet in the same place. Whether you’re tackling a job interview or racing a 200-meter...


Listen to This: A Playlist for Discovery

This summer, find new music, and lose yourself in it. For the middle of summer, I’ve created an upbeat and invigorating...


Solar Eclipse 2017: Eclipse Forward

Set your goals and intentions into motion this month and reap the rewards for months to come. North America’s first total...


Three Ways to Discover a New You This Summer

Now is the time to lose sight of the shore and discover what lies ahead. You cannot discover new oceans unless...


Who is Writing Your Biography?

You have the power to write a heroic or tragic narrative for your life—which will you choose? Have you ever wondered...


PSA: Your Brain Can’t Actually Multitask

An expert weighs in on the effects of multitasking on the brain. You know the old trope, men can’t multitask but...


Five Ways to Train Smarter

As learned at the world’s premier fitness conference, 2017 IDEA World Fitness Convention. This weekend, thousands of the world’s fittest, smartest,...


Trending Now: Statement Fitness Tees

Get your head in the game with a little help from your workout attire. Everywhere you look—in the gym, on a...


How Meditative Movement is Bringing Calm to Stressful Spaces

Yoga on the courthouse lawn, and other ways wellness advocates are transforming stressful spaces. When you think about your commute—being stuck...