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Could Your Stories Be Keeping You Stuck?

These days, everyone seems to be on top of their game. “Crushing it” … “making it happen” … living their “best life”...


Strange physical symptoms? Blame the chronic stress of life during the COVID-19 pandemic

During the current COVID-19 pandemic have you been wondering why you’re getting headaches more often? Or stomach aches? Or feeling itchy...


Personal Training for the Brain

We all train our bodies when we hit the gym. But few of us realize that we also can train our...


Jim Kwik Unlocks Your Potential in Uncertain Times, with “Limitless”

Under stay-at-home requirements, many of us have been trying out new skills or hobbies (baking sourdough, anyone?). And The Guardian reports...


It Takes a Village to Reach a Goal

“It takes a village” is an African proverb derived from the idea that children grow up healthier and happier when they’ve...


The End of Mental Illness Begins With Treating Brain Health

Ed. note: May is Mental Health Month. The COVID-19 epidemic—already a source of stress and anxiety for many of us—may be...


Two Kinds of Distancing to Feel Less Anxious

The disruption of daily life by the coronavirus pandemic has forced most of us to adapt and maybe even to acknowledge...


How to Take a “Tech Shabbat” With Tiffany Shlain

In an effort to be more present in her own life, filmmaker Tiffany Shlain started a weekly “Tech Shabbat,” a full...


Koya Webb: From Self-Care Will Come Answers—and Purpose

While recovering from her first injury, Koya Webb discovered yoga and quickly saw the mind/body benefits of moving meditation.


Maye Musk Is Unstoppable

%%primary_category%% %%sep%% Maye Musk shares her life lessons as a single, working mother and 71-year-old supermodel, and how social media turned up the heat on her career.


Is Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) Keeping You From the Gym?

Those with the condition SAD often feel down and unmotivated, and they can experience shifts in sleep and appetite plus struggles with concentration.


Productivity Expert Ari Meisel on Streamlining Your Life

Ari Meisel believes that the key to achieving your goals lies not within a busy schedule but instead within fierce clarity and strategic use of time.


Inspo From the Pros to Jumpstart Your Goals

If you’re a little behind on your goals or your strong start is losing steam, you’re not alone. 24Life asked the...


Eight Tips For Better Sleep From Fitness Experts

The facts are in: Adequate sleep is crucial to crushing just about any other goal.


WHISPERS OF WISDOM, Part 2: You Have the Right to Claim Abundance in Every Area of Your Life

For the first time, Americans reported to employers that the thing they want more than increased money is time. We all...


The Change Master: John Berardi’s Second Act Will Help You, Too

John Berardi, Ph.D., has always been changing.


Best-Selling Author Ryan Holiday Explains Why You Need Stillness

Over the past nine years, Ryan Holiday has written nine books and established himself as a modern-day philosopher.


’Tis the Season — Give Yourself a Breath

No need for “bah humbug.” Find your happy place—it’s time to take a breath!


Cassandra Bodzak on Holidays With Intention

Healthy living guru Cassandra Bodzak helps her clients overcome negative self-talk and disordered eating so that they can learn to appreciate and trust their own bodies.


Chip Conley Makes the Case for Wisdom—Cultivating and Sharing It

When Chip Conley was 26, he started Joie de Vivre Hospitality, which would eventually become the second-largest boutique hotel company in the U.S.


6 Experts Talk About Change

We at 24Life know just how challenging change can be, and—believing that each and every one of us has the personal...


NEWS FLASH: More Benefits of Gratitude, Family Fitness at the Holidays, and Romaine Recall

Every week, we’re bringing you a roundup of the latest health and wellness news to hit the wire. This week, we look at the...


Never Broken: Grammy-Nominated Singer Jewel Talks Commitment to Wellness

In the 25 years since singer-songwriter Jewel released her highly acclaimed debut album, she’s also proved to be a talented actress,...


One Man’s Trek for Quiet

Gordon Hempton hits a fever pitch when he talks about recording quiet places. The acoustic ecologist likens his work to that...


Kira Stokes Sweats the Small Stuff—And Keeps Fitness Fun

“I’m a bit of an Energizer Bunny,” Kira Stokes admits while visiting with 24Life in a New York studio.


Unpack Your Excuses for Success With Nick Routson

Nick Routson, general manager of 24 Hour Fitness Fullerton Super-Sport Gym and former fitness manager, loves one thing more than fitness, and that’s people.


Soulful Success—Is It Possible? Publicist Tanya Khani Says Yes.

Tanya Khani, known in most exclusive media circles as the Soulful Publicist, is the public relations representative of choice to wellness thought leaders, social impact leaders and wellness brands across the world.


3 Ways to Let Go of Guilt So You Can Stop Living in the Past and Start to Move Forward

Being on the journey to weight loss, happiness, mindfulness or whatever it is you seek can be a hard one. Like...