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Monica Berg Wants You to Take a Moment and Rethink Love

Editor’s Note: The topic of love has been the inspiration for some of the greatest works of literature, music, theatre, film,...


How to Love Better in 2019 With Terri Cole

New Year’s resolutions often attempt to better the physical: eat healthier, exercise more, drink less. While a sound body can help...


A Soundtrack of Love

This playlist will take you through all the emotional stages of love. Little is known of Saint Valentine himself—“he” even might...


Adrienne Bankert Is in Love With Love

A conversation with 24Life.


Cleo Wade Makes Love From Words

24Life interview with Cleo Wade.


Self-Nourishment With Model-Turned-Wellness Expert Nikki Sharp

The daughter of an Olympic cyclist and a rock climber, Nikki Sharp was born “inherently active,” but she didn’t start to enjoy working out until college.


How to Make a Love Potion

Move over, chocolate boxes and rose bouquets.


Leap Into Lovingkindness!

February is the month of love and friendship, and at the root of these experiences is a deep commitment to kindness.


How to Design Your Future With Love and Life

I often tell my clients that the best way to predict the future is to design it.


Awakened Yearnings

Discover what you truly want. One of my favorite authors is Oriah Mountain Dreamer. Probably my favorite line from her book...


Love Is the Operating System

Over the years, I began to notice with my clients that “relationship” issues rarely stayed in that nice, tidy little corner of our life called ‘love.


The Secrets to Health

Physical routines are only the start.


Thrive in Love

No matter where we are in the spectrum of love, and no matter where we are in the relationship continuum, many of us want to know how we can thrive in love.