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Workout: Total-Body Dumbbell Circuit

Follow these total-body compound moves with dumbbells and give special attention to your biggest stabilizer muscles.

Man stretching hamstrings in forward fold at gym Movement

Workout: Hammy It Up!

Do your hamstrings decide to “hammy it up” when you try to move quickly?  Hamstring tightness or poor flexibility has been...


Hack Your Lunge

Lunges are one of the most popular exercises that people love to hate. Because they use most of the muscles in...


Workout: A New Stance On Squats

Take a different stance in your squats. Perform three sets of each exercise by changing the position of your feet: Go...


Workout: Get a Leg Up

Be like a kangaroo and get a leg up on your leg strength. Kangaroos are animals with amazing locomotion, taking advantage...


Leg Power: Resisted Running Workout

Train your body for more leg power with these short-resisted acceleration exercises. Short bursts of acceleration are necessary in life, especially...


Single-Leg Strength Workout

Improve your single-leg strength with these three single-leg strengthening exercises.  You’ll work those stabilizing muscles necessary for single-leg balance in walking,...