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Five Small Steps to Encourage Your Child’s Creativity

In addition to being valuable in any career field, creativity is incredibly useful in everyday life. Encouraging your child’s creativity will...

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10 Quick Tips for Raising Active Kids

Competition from screens and cuts to school physical education programs have today’s kids more inactive than ever. According to the Centers...


Five Tips for Raising Risk Takers

As parents, we instinctually want to protect our children from both physical and emotional harm. While making them come down from...


Six Ways to Keep Your Kids in the Present

The pace of today’s world, with schedules and deadlines and immediate communication, has us—and our kids—racing through life. We move from...


A Dietitian’s Tips for Teaching Your Kids to Love Healthy Foods

Digestive health expert Tamara Duker Freuman, MS, RD, CDN, knows that kids won’t always eat the “healthy” options when given a...


Need Motivation? Two Influencers on How Their Kids Keep Them Going

We asked fitness influencers for their New Year’s resolutions and where they find motivation when they feel like giving up. For...


Try This Thanksgiving Practice with Your Kids All Year Long

Teach your kids to foster gratitude year-round with this practice from a mindfulness expert. Michelle Gale isn’t just a mindful parenting...


Top Five Life Skills to Teach Your Kids

Why modeling behaviors you want your kids to have one day matters. Your kids: They have school to teach them their...


Four Ways to Help Your Kids Develop Strong Bones

Ditch the soda, and other simple ways to help your kids grow strong and healthy bones. I was experiencing athletic energy...


How Your Kids Can Help Feed the Hungry

Get your kids off the couch this summer with help from an app that turns their steps into meals. With no...


Three Playful Movements to Add to Your Workout Routine

Return to your childhood ways and have fun with your movement. We live in a fast-paced, goal-oriented society and are expected...


Start the Positive Ripple Effect

Physically active parents have more active children.


Taking a Stand for Healthier Kids

How one non-profit is hoping to end the obesity epidemic, one classroom at a time.


Kid-friendly Easter Breakfasts

From sunny-side up to Easter eggs, enjoy these four takes on a healthier Sunday breakfast for the little ones.

Stand-up kids Game Changers

Kids need to stand too

Learn why there's an organization pioneering stand-up desks for kids.