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Graphic Designer By Day, This GX24 Instructor Says Power Jumping With You Is Worth It

We asked Alberts how he stays motivated to teach HIIT training twice a week, how he fits teaching in with his career, and other burning questions.


Best-Selling Author Ryan Holiday Explains Why You Need Stillness

Over the past nine years, Ryan Holiday has written nine books and established himself as a modern-day philosopher.


Soulful Success—Is It Possible? Publicist Tanya Khani Says Yes.

Tanya Khani, known in most exclusive media circles as the Soulful Publicist, is the public relations representative of choice to wellness thought leaders, social impact leaders and wellness brands across the world.


Raise Your Game to Superhuman Level

From my perspective, aging is not the accumulation of symptoms. It’s the accumulation of awesomeness.


Dr. Amy Killen: The Regenerative Power of Stem Cells

Dr. Amy Killen knows firsthand the importance of a healthy lifestyle as preventative medicine.

Portrait of Bo Eason Mindset

Bo Eason Says Being the Best Takes Your A Game, All Day, Every Day

What do being an NFL legend, esteemed playwright, world-renowned speaker and author have in common? Bo Eason is all these things.

Elana-Karp-in-kitchen Nourishment

Plated’s Elana Karp Changes Lives One Meal Kit at a Time

24Life asked Karp for more insight into how she and Plated are making a difference in busy families’ lives, one dinner at a time.

Couples-massage Regeneration

Massage 101: The Myth and the Magic

Licensed massage therapist Stacy Stevens educates us about the therapeutic benefits of massage.


Ruby Warrington Wants You to Get Lit on Your Own Vibe

Ruby Warrington, lifestyle journalist and creator of The Numinous, a site dedicated to conscious living, is known for challenging cultural norms and expectations.


Joy Bauer’s Genius Food Hacks for Muscle Aches and More

Experiencing muscle cramps or belly bloat? Who isn’t? Before you book a doctor’s appointment, consider starting in the kitchen.


Mind-Body Balance: Burning Questions About Ayurveda

Ayurveda is a holistic, complimentary health-care system designed to restore and maintain balance in the mind and body.


Diet Secrets From a Social Media Superstar

When he set out to lose weight several years ago, Kevin Curry had no idea that his personal endeavor would inspire a large-scale fitness and nutrition movement.


The Next Olympic Hopefuls Won’t Let You Give Up

Office manager. Flight attendant. Veterinary technician. Amateur boxer. Personal trainer. High-school student. The next generation of Olympic athletes is not who you think it is.


A Hemp Expert Answers Burning Questions About CBD

CBD industry trailblazers, the Stanley Brothers made their mark with “Charlotte’s Web” hemp, named for young Charlotte Figi whose remarkable story was first featured by CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta and garnered global media attention.

Future Forward

Flow Genome Project’s Jamie Wheal Rethinks Human Potential and the Power of Presence

24Life Editor-in-Chief Lashaun Dale recently spoke with Wheal to find out how the Flow Genome Project considers the topic of human potential, the future of the body and our ongoing evolution.


“My Health Is My Job” and Now Paul Reed’s Focus Is Inspiring Others

The tragic loss of two brothers is a lot to swallow—and Paul Reed was also taking care of a wheelchair-bound friend...


Nancy Levin Talks the Dollars and Sense of Self-Worth

24Life recently spoke with Levin about her own experience moving from financial devastation to financial ease.


Cruise Control: America’s Top Celebrity Trainer Keeps It Simple for Success

Read on to find out how Cruise manages, and pick up some tips from a day in his life.


Cleo Wade Makes Love From Words

24Life interview with Cleo Wade.


Love Thy Neighbor With Cassey Ho’s Apartment-Friendly Workout

Blogilates and POP Pilates creator Cassey Ho is also a champion of body positivity and loving your workout—and the results.


How to Reclaim Radiance, With Latham Thomas

With the birth of her son (now 14), Latham Thomas conceived Mama Glow, the wildly popular blog and services that “hold women’s hands” and educate, inform, inspire and advocate for them as they enter motherhood.


My Moon Shot, With Josh Williamson

Josh Williamson made the team—here’s how he sets a goal.


Faceoff: Sleep vs. Fitness

Sleep scientist Matthew Walker explains why it’s not a choice.


Winter Wake-Up With Baron Baptiste

Use your yoga practice to wake up to what is possible for your life.


Dynamic Aging With Katy Bowman

Moving your body and honoring the struggle changes everything. 


Thanks to You!

Honor your commitment to a lifestyle change without ruffling feathers.


About Face

The perks of facial massage are certainly more than skin-deep.


Nourishment, According to Kris Carr

The cancer survivor and New York Times best-selling author defines it on crazy, sexy terms.


A One-Minute Workout Could Keep You Healthy

Researcher and author Martin Gibala, Ph.D., explains how.