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Game Changers

Energy Management: Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Flow states require energy.


Don’t leave your best to chance

Your tribe is waiting for you – here’s why you should find it.


Energy Tune-up

How music can give you energy and motivation every day.


Hot 24: E=mc2

The options to move our bodies are more abundant than ever before.


Get Energized with ‘DIY’ Projects

A nationally known gardening expert, a celebrity nutritionist, and a finance guru give you tips on how to do it yourself.

Game Changers

Take a Load Off to Take More On

Here’s why the same workout is much harder – though you haven’t changed a thing.


How Yoga Can Up Your Fitness Game

Find out how a yoga practice supports the body’s regeneration after rigorous workouts.

Beet energy Game Changers

Try this food to work out longer

Beetroot juice, a source of the nitrate molecule, definitely increases your endurance during exercise and can make you train longer. A...

St. Patrick's Day drinks Lifestyle

Healthier Drinks for St. Patrick’s Day

Check out these Shamrock-inspired beverage recipes, perfect for the upcoming holiday.

Losing muscle mass Game Changers

How fast do you lose muscle?

A study shows how long it takes to lose muscle mass from inactivity.


How to Make Your Trip to the Gym Count

Four ways to stay focused and maximize your workouts.

National Sleep Awareness Week Regeneration

Make Sleep a Priority This Week

It’s “National Sleep Awareness Week” – find out why you need to focus on sleep this week and beyond.

Cold shower therapy by Wim Hof Regeneration

Wake Up and Go

24Life’s Lashaun Dale has embarked on “Iceman” Wim Hof’s 10-week InnerFire challenge to better her health. Follow her adventures as she...

Game Changers

Get to know Lewis Howes

Lewis Howes is an author, athlete, entrepreneur and the creator of the highly successful “The School of Greatness” podcast. In the...


What it’s like to be a Trainer to the Gods

Find out how actors in “Gods of Egypt” got in shape for their roles.

Shockwave Movement

20-minute Cardio Rowing Workout

You may have heard that rowing is the new cardio. While we are not yet ready to give up our daily...


Recovery Secrets from the Super Bowl-winning Broncos

The Denver Broncos had more than a game-day strategy to win Super Bowl 50. In fact, for many years, the team’s...


Ten winter skincare solutions

Tired of chapped lips, dry skin and cracked heels? Luckily, there are ways to fight back against parched, flaky skin season....


The world’s fastest SUV

When BMW told us its new BMW X5 M was available for review, our curiosity was quick to the draw, it’s...

smoothies Nourishment

Simple smoothie recipes

Post workout Sip away soreness with this delicious blend of antioxidant-rich berries and ginger to help reduce the swelling and inflammation...


Behind the Label of Yogurt

Whether it’s for shedding a few pounds, training for a half-marathon or building muscle, yogurt is the ultimate snack, provided you...


To stretch or not to stretch?

There’s an ongoing debate in fitness in recent years about whether you should stretch before or after exercise. It’s a conversation...


In Case of Need: Take Class

There’s a cancer survivor in front of you, a single mom on your left, a job-seeker on your right. In the Zumba “nation,” there’s bound to be someone who’s been there – and they’ve got your back.


Cold Therapy with the Iceman

Lashaun Dale embarks on a 10-week journey to reboot her Inner Fire, following the guidance of Wim Hof.


The Art of Resolve

You know the joke: February 1st rolls around and people ask how your New Year’s Resolution is going. Scanning your memory...


Tips for a Healthy Mind

Every January, people around the world flock to gyms to start a new fitness routine. But as you’re getting your body...


Fundamentals of Foam Rolling

The experts at TriggerPoint explain how to foam-roll, to release you from your body’s chain-reaction response to stress.

PlayForChange Game Changers

Play for Change – Success Story

When Selden McCabe was diagnosed with Stage IV prostate cancer in 2010, he began a drug regimen with potential to extend...

Game Changers

Coaches’ Corner

What should I do to lose weight — strength and conditioning, or cardio? Nik Herold: That’s a very popular question, especially...