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How Bo Eason Lives Life as an Ultra-Present Man

Bo Eason is a former NFL player, acclaimed Broadway playwright and performer and an international presence coach. He has trained with...


#IIFYM: A Focus on Macronutrients

IIFYM isn’t just a hashtag, it’s a way of life. Tracking your macros could be the game-changer for your fit lifestyle....

sugar hangover Nourishment

Wipe the Slate Clean: How to Cure Your Sugar Hangover

Celebrity nutritionist Cynthia Pasquella tells 24Life how to bounce back after a Halloween sugar overload. Halloween is officially behind us, and...


How Baron Baptiste Finds the “Yes” in His Daily Life

Author and acclaimed international yoga teacher Baron Baptiste helps people find “Yes! Energy” in their lives through meditation and physical movement....


Fit in the City: Denver

There’s no shortage of outdoor activities in the Mile High City. There’s a good reason Denver is routinely listed among the...


Beyond the Candy: Healthy Halloween Activities and Tips

Halloween doesn’t have to be all about candy. Halloween is all about good, clean fun, dressing up and … sugar. But...


Five Ways to Improve Your Upper-Body Strength Outside the Gym

The upper body is essential, and we are constantly using it. We need the muscles in our arms, chest, shoulders and...


Six Must-Read Non-Fiction Books

Human potential expert Beth Taska offers her recommendations for the best in non-fiction … I love to read! My definition of...

Game Changers

Are You Fit Enough to Be a Firefighter?

Firefighters need to be physically ready for a challenge at a moment’s notice. Firefighters. They’re quick to arrive at the scene...


How Yogi Taylor EyeWalker Lives a Spiritual Life

Southern California-based yoga instructor Taylor EyeWalker uses routine, rituals, tea and smart meditation to bring spirituality to herself, family and clients....

Jane for blog Lifestyle

The Life of Game Designer Jane McGonigal

She’s an author, video-game designer and a survivor. 24Life recently sat down with Jane McGonigal, the creator of “SuperBetter,” to learn...


Sports-Specific Training: Golf

Improve your game on the green with these 14 exercises. Fall is here, bringing with it all of the outdoor sports...

Woman-with-gym-bag-running-up-stairs-from-subway-station Mindset

Words Matter: Find Success with the Right Ones

If you want to set yourself up to meet goals and change your life, you may want to consider that what...


Class Notes: What to Expect in Les Mills BODYFLOW

Attending a Les Mills BODYFLOW class is like doing your body and mind a favor. This yoga-based workout, which combines the...

Travis Kelce Catching Kelce shoot Lifestyle

Fitness and First Dates: 24Life Hosts E! Show “Catching Kelce”

Dating show brings contestants up close and personal in a group workout. A dating show filmed in a gym? It happened,...

travis-kelce Game Changers

Catch Him if You Can: NFL Star Travis Kelce Talks Life and Love

The bachelor and football player shares his secrets to success on and off the field, as his new dating show premieres...


Sports-Specific Training: Kayaking

Hone your paddling muscles with these 11 exercises. It takes more than strong arms to navigate through rapid waters: kayaking is...


On Potential: Own Your Reputation

You are in charge of creating your best self. Human potential expert Beth Taska explains … We are judged by many...


Fall in Love with Infused Iced Tea

Check out these six infused iced tea recipes this fall. There’s nothing more refreshing than a tall glass of iced tea...


Awards-show Bodies: How Stars Get Fit for the Red Carpet

Inspired by fashionable and fit stars on red carpets? Here’s what celebs do to get in ship-shape before awards shows. Strutting...


New Fitness Rules for Pregnant Women

After more than a decade, ACOG released revised exercise guidelines for women who are expecting. Here’s what you should know …...


On Leadership: Be a Change Agent

“If we are to have magical bodies, we must have magical minds.” – Wayne W. Dyer A change of scenery; a...


10 Recovery Moves That Will Make You a Stronger Athlete

Recovery often sounds like a “dirty” word. What are you recovering from? A night out with friends? Surgery? A day in...


The Power of Yes! with Baron Baptiste

Knowing when to say yes or no is everything. This meditation shows you how.


Pack your Bag!

Why do you need a specialist gym bag instead of any old duffel? Because it makes life easier.


Meditation Takes Manhattan

What happens when a massive group gets quiet in Central Park?


Kick Up Your Routine with Kettlebells

Train for explosive power and dynamic flexibility.

Game Changers

Living Your Dream with Bo Eason

Bo Eason has realized “impossible” dreams more than once, and he’s got the formula for all of us to do so, too.


The Power of Living Gamefully

In “SuperBetter” Jane McGonigal shows how game play gives us the power to be healthy and happy.


Build Your Mental Muscle

Think again about how we learn as a group.