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Should you use the handlebars?

Find out how to maximize your time on this popular piece of cardio equipment: the elliptical.


Yogi Lauren Walker talks to 24Life

The author and yogi talks releasing toxins, diet, her passion and more.


Are carbs making us uglier?

How our ancestral switch from a Paleolithic diet of meat to one based on carbs hasn’t just made us less healthy.


Six Habits to Drop Like They’re Hot

A nutritionist tells 24Life how kicking these bad habits can help you to reach your health and fitness goals.


How Fitness Stars Do Earth Day

Every year, April 22 reminds us to be kind to our environment.


Meet Your Dream Machine

Find out how to choose the right cardio equipment for your fitness goals.

how to be healthy Lifestyle

Nine Things that Play into Being Healthy

A nutritionist tells 24Life why “Healthy” is more than just what you eat and drink.


Technology Behind the Treadmill

Find out why a treadmill run has plenty of benefits.


Q&A with bootybarre’s Tracey Mallett

The fitness star talks regeneration, life lessons, her passion and more.


Are fish oil pills effective?

Omega-3s are known to be great for your brain and heart, and according to Forbes, Americans spent more than $6 billion...


Three Things to Do to Stress Less

From meditation, to scanning your body, to deep breathing, learn how to relax throughout your day.


Four Tips to a Perfect Bike Setup

When you feel extra pumped about your cycling workout, it can be tempting to just hop on a bike and go,...


A hot food good for your health

A slew of recent research is pointing to hot chilis as a surprising superfood that reduces cravings, prevents liver damage and...

Walk to Work Day Movement

The Impact of Extra Steps

Walk to Work Day is April 1. Find out why you should get in those 10,000 steps a day.


The Top 8 Foods to Boost Your Energy

Author and former professional Ironman Brendan Brazier shares his favorite healthy foods.

Derek Beres playlist Mindset

How to Sequence a Playlist

Derek Beres curates the perfect playlist fit for a high-intensity training workout.

Meet Team USA athletes Lifestyle

Meet these five inspiring athletes

24 Hour Fitness supports five Team USA athletes as they put their energy into the quest for gold.


Energy Management

How Your Hormones Work Together to Run Your Metabolism.

Game Changers

Energy Management: Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Flow states require energy.


Don’t leave your best to chance

Your tribe is waiting for you – here’s why you should find it.


Energy Tune-up

How music can give you energy and motivation every day.


Hot 24: E=mc2

The options to move our bodies are more abundant than ever before.


Get Energized with ‘DIY’ Projects

A nationally known gardening expert, a celebrity nutritionist, and a finance guru give you tips on how to do it yourself.

Game Changers

Take a Load Off to Take More On

Here’s why the same workout is much harder – though you haven’t changed a thing.


How Yoga Can Up Your Fitness Game

Find out how a yoga practice supports the body’s regeneration after rigorous workouts.

Beet energy Game Changers

Try this food to work out longer

Beetroot juice, a source of the nitrate molecule, definitely increases your endurance during exercise and can make you train longer. A...

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Healthier Drinks for St. Patrick’s Day

Check out these Shamrock-inspired beverage recipes, perfect for the upcoming holiday.

Losing muscle mass Game Changers

How fast do you lose muscle?

A study shows how long it takes to lose muscle mass from inactivity.


How to Make Your Trip to the Gym Count

Four ways to stay focused and maximize your workouts.

National Sleep Awareness Week Regeneration

Make Sleep a Priority This Week

It’s “National Sleep Awareness Week” – find out why you need to focus on sleep this week and beyond.